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I still think it's household income puts my wife and I at the same tax rate as Obuthead even though we earned @ 7% of what he did, and I am permanently disabled (not, by the way, a libtard entitlement lazy bum, I was born this way and still worked 22yrs). Her income is enough that my SS is partially taxable!
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The calculator is off. I put in two different (true life) figures and both were wrong. The smaller income household paid less than the calculator claimed. The higher income household paid nearly twice the figure the calculator showed as the tax rate - which calculator showed as less than it claimed for the lower income household.

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sardonic (now) NEW LOWS every day from Obama and his handlers....  sure do wish that ordinary people would wake up to what we have running this country......  and it is going to continue building up in force, getting mroe VILE and creepy, and higher in volume from this day forward until Nov 6, when immediately after the election is counted and the results given back from Spain/SCTYL ----  wait, he will declare himself DICTATOR FOR LIFE...... by Executive Order and also declare Martial Law upon this nation, which will the CEASE to be......   (he is taking all of his marching orders from the likes of No. Korea, China, Putin and Chavez in how to actually accomplish this grand feat).


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The calculator is misleading and way off in its calculation.  I input $60,000 and received a tax rate of 19.9% which is impossible given that the highest tax rate for that income is 15%.  The tax rate has to be in the range of 8-12%.

Obama is lying again.


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Keith Koffler is reporting that the Obama campaign has introduced its shiny new Class Warfare Calculator, an online application that allows you to find out how Mitt Romney is a wealthy scoundrel who is cheating the tax system while you pay your fair share.

So you can resent him and those like him who were handed their wealth by The Man -- or someone.

In an email dispatched this afternoon, Obama 2012 operative Stephanie Cutter introduced the delightful new product, which lets you compare your tax rate to that of “millionaire” Mitt Romney, who is described as having paid a rate of 13.9 percent in 2010.

Stephanie Says:

We’ve got a new interactive tool that shows how Mitt Romney and some other millionaires play by their own set of rules -- the same rules they’re trying to make sure you and I don’t ever get to change.

The website states:


Caps and boldface are from the website, which is really looking to drive home the point. 

As usual, lefties have to shout to make a point.

So Mitt Romney is actually running for president to keep his taxes low. Did you know that? Sounds like a lot of effort to save a few bucks. Maybe he could just try donating less than 1.5 percent of his taxes to charity, like Vice President Biden, instead of the millions he actually gives.

Or maybe he’s running to help out his rich friends. I don’t know. These rich people all scratch each others backs, especially during meetings of the Trilateral Commission.

Stephanie Says:

Romney not only opposes the Buffett Rule, but he wants to make things even more unfair. He will explode the deficit by giving more tax breaks to the wealthy -- and place the burden of paying for them on the backs of the middle class and seniors.

This November, it’s one or the other. We either stick with a President who fights for the middle class, or we choose a candidate who fights to protect an unfair status quo that benefits him at the expense of our economy and the middle class.

Well, Stephanie’s boss would know something about exploding the deficit, so maybe she gets this Romney guy better than I do.

What intrigues me is how mean Romney must be. I mean, HE WANTS TO MAKE THINGS MORE UNFAIR.

This transcript of a recent conversation between Mitt Romney and his wife Ann was sent to me by a campaign insider who was shocked by its content. I can’t vouch for its accuracy, but it is deeply disturbing and in fact consistent with Romney’s agenda to make life miserable – more miserable – for the non-rich.

Mitt: Ann, what do you think my economic program should be?

Ann: Mitt, why don’t we make things more unfair and fix the tax system so that we can get even richer?

Mitt: Ann, that’s a great idea! I think the public will love it, and we’ll benefit too. Now I have a reason to live.

Ann: My pleasure, Mitt. Hey, while you’re looking for advice, I think we should also consider a platform that demonstrates our hatred of Hispanics and figure out some ideas that are harmful to women.

Mitt: We could declare a war on women!

Ann: Yes, a war on women! Women have been telling me they want a war waged against them.

Mitt: Ann, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started. We’re gong to win, I can feel it.

I’ll bet the Romney campaign hopes Stephanie doesn’t find out about this.


Team Obama continues to compare income taxes (apples) to capital gains taxes (oranges).


A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does
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