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Continued . . .


Vital records indicate Obama not born in Hawaii hospital (Part 3)

A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does
Capt Joe

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Let's say the certificate is valid. No one has denied his father was not a US citizen. Therefore he is ineligible regardless of where he was born. This is the most egregious case of an entire nation looking the other way.

**** Hillary=Obama 2.0 ****
Lou E Brown

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Wow, I am totally crosseyed from that reading, and still confused about all but one thing: the Halfrican's "name"  should never have been allowed to appear on a ballot for any election in America, most emphatically not on the ballot for the highest and most potentially dangerous office in the world.


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Until we see the original microfiche roll from that first week of August 1961, the facts will remain elusive. I would not be surprise if it no longer exists...


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I have been reading it most of the afternoon, it blows the lid off of O's eligibiliy and his being a Natural Born Citizen completely out of the water, given all the facts that are put inside of that and Part 1.......   BTW, just for safety sake, any of you are are compiling data on O, copy all of that page and put it into someplace safe for your records, as the facts threin are true and undeniable.


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Long but must read.


Vital records indicate Obama not born in Hawaii Hospital (Part1)

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