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Trump assassination threats keep pouring in and liberals are totally fine with that


Just In (TruthFeed) is reporting that recently, a popular pastor from Florida, Rodney Howard-Browne, shared an alleged plot (which he claims was told to him by an unnamed congressman) to "take out" President Trump.

Howard-Browne's claims are a bit outlandish, but if there is any validity to them, it is worth mentioning.

The pastor says he was made privy to this plot, which claimed is to "remove Trump suddenly from office," and has since been interviewed by the Secret Service, although he has refused to cooperate with them further, telling them he's not sure who he can trust.

Wild as his story may be, it shouldn't be ignored, especially considering the fact that since the election results came in, there have been an uncountable number of death threats and calls for assassinating President Trump.

If there is one shred of credibility behind this story, it should be investigated to the fullest.

The violent rhetoric which has been spewed day and night against our president is unlike anything in American history, and is not only disgusting, but highly disturbing.

If anyone has been trying to keep a list of famous people who've made death threats against President Trump, it would be a hard enough task, but factoring in the random liberal lunatics into the equation makes it an impossible one.

How many times have we heard a celebrity get on Twitter and call for an assassination attempt on our president?

They do it in person too, it's gotten so out of hand, and they're never held accountable for their dangerous comments, that they don't hesitate to urge the public to commit violence.

The thing is, these people are not just making asinine comments, and they're not just venting their frustrations; their violent rhetoric HAS gotten people hurt already.

A prime example of that is Steve Scalise, who was shot in a politically motivated shooting by a bloodthirsty liberal. That's just one instance, how many Trump supporters have been beaten (or worse) simply for wearing a MAGA hat?

This sort of violence has been getting worse and worse, and has been thoroughly encouraged by celebrities, the mainstream media, and even elected Democrat politicians.

Never before in the history of America have we seen something like this, and it's getting worse by the week.

Perhaps the first really memorable example of celebrities crossing the line was rapper Snoop Dogg and his little thuglette, Bow-Wow, or "Shad Moss" as he now goes by.

Shad made some disgusting comments about RAPING Melania Trump, our First Lady, which went completely unpunished, and his uncle Snoop followed suit with some extremely violent and graphic rhetoric about shooting President Trump.

One instance that really stood above the rest, however, was washed up "comedian" Kathy Griffin, who posed for a sickening photoshoot which would have made ISIS proud.

Griffin went so far as to have professional photographs made of herself holding up a fake severed head, which had been molded in the likeness of President Trump, and was covered in fake blood.

It was so over the top that the Secret Service DID pay her a visit, but of course, nothing was actually done about the incident.

Shortly after Griffin's grisly photoshoot, wife-beater Johnny Depp decided he'd try to outdo her, and openly called for Trump's assassination at an awards ceremony in Britain.

Depp tried to be coy, and made a not-so-subtle attempt to reference the assassination of President Lincoln, which did not go unnoticed.

When called out for his classless comment, Depp issued a half-hearted and insincere "apology" which no-one believed for a second.

The list goes on and on, and includes other celebrities like Michael Moore, Rosie O'Donnell, Keith Olbermann, John Cusack, and so many others.

Not one of these people has been held accountable for their violent and unforgivable comments, and the fact that these high-profile individuals have gotten away with their dangerous threats has emboldened the hordes of angry and dejected liberals who worship them.

All of these repeated calls for violence against our President should have the Secret Service on high alert at all times, and they should have already made stern and swift examples of people by now.

Of course, it will be harder to convict a celebrity or politician of a crime than the average citizen, but some of these maniacs have crossed the line so badly that even the most biased judge would have to hand down a punishment.

These calls for violence and assassination cannot continue to go unpunished and unanswered; examples must be made, and law and order must be restored.

Pastor Howard-Browne's comments may or may not be true, we don't know that at this point.

Given his hesitation to go into greater detail, there are a number of different conclusions that could be drawn, but when put in context, it should be enough to alarm any Trump supporter.

We chose President Trump because we wanted to take back America from the establishment elites and the radical left, and because we were sick and tired of watching our culture and our values get destroyed in the name of "progressivism."

If we want to achieve the things we chose President Trump to do, we need to make sure that he stays safe, and as long as the leftwing media and celebrities continue to call for violence against him, that will be hard to do.

A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does

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The new Brownshirts -- thugs vs. free speech on campus


Robert Spencer (FrontPage) says leftist students routinely intimidate and even physically menace those who dissent from their views, especially pro-Israel students. Conservative speakers are rarely invited to campuses, and when they are, face legions of hostile and even violent protesters. Universities are increasingly hostile to conservative views, and are mostly indoctrination centers for the hard Left. This is academia today, as I detail in my new book The Complete Infidel's Guide to Free Speech (and Its Enemies).

On September 29, 2016, retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel and former Congressman Allen West was scheduled to speak at Saint Louis University (SLU) on what he termed "the threat of radical Islam." A group of Leftist and Muslim student protesters, led by the SLU Rainbow Alliance and the Muslim Students' Association, packed the hall and then walked out, leaving West to speak to a nearly empty room.

That was the culmination of protests that had led SLU administrators to forbid the Young America's Foundation (YAF), the organization sponsoring West's speech, to use the words "radical Islam" on posters and fliers advertising it. West, not disposed to acquiesce to this censorship, had written before the event, "I along with the YAF activists will not back down from this challenge. And if this is just a case of ill-conceived political correctness, we'll rectify that. But, if this is a case of the influence of stealth jihad radical Islamic campus organizations such as the Muslim Student Association, an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood, then you will be exposed. And I recommend to the President of St. Louis University, you do not want it known that a radical Islamic organization is dictating speakers on your campus -- that is not the type of PR you really want."

But rather than affirming the importance of free discourse and the airing of dissenting views (never mind rejecting jihad and Islamic supremacism), SLU President Fred Pestello declared his "solidarity" with the protesters against the "provocateur" West. 

YAF national spokeswoman Emily Jashinsky noted that what happened to West at SLU is common. "This is what happens when students attempt to bring one conservative speaker to a liberal campus. Threatened leftists do everything they can to erect obstacles."

The whiff of a threat was unmistakable. And it was understandable that Jewish groups would feel intimidated, as groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Students Association have been growing increasingly aggressive and even physically menacing toward those who dare to question support for the Palestinian jihad against Israel. 

Universities were much more solicitous about the sensibilities of Muslims.

The April 5, 2016 issue of The Gleaner, the student paper of Rutgers University–Camden, published a cartoon of Muhammad, Buddha, and Jesus in a bar. Its content, however, cannot be known at this point, because at the behest of Muslims on campus the entire issue has been deep-sixed. This is an incident fraught with implications for the health of the freedom of speech today.

Two weeks after the cartoon was published, the April 19 issue of The Gleaner contained a letter from the Muslim Brotherhood campus group, the Muslim Students Association, saying that it found the image offensive and asking The Gleaner to remove the image from the April 5 issue and circulate a new edition of that issue without it. The MSA letter claimed that Christians and Jews on campus told MSA members that they, too, found the image offensive.

The MSA letter stated, "Even though freedom of speech and press is emphasized and is something all of us value as proud Americans, the University prides itself on diversity of people of different faith and backgrounds so we feel that it is necessary to respect those faiths and backgrounds by honoring their beliefs."

The April 19, 2016, Gleaner contained a response to the MSA letter written by Christopher Church, the paper's editor in chief. Church apologized to the MSA and agreed to meet with it "so that we can rectify this issue and ensure that it doesn't happen again." He also agreed to remove any copies of the offending April 5 issue from the Gleaner boxes around campus and destroy them.

Neither Church nor anyone at Rutgers appeared to be aware of, or to care about, the fact that the freedom of speech as a Constitutional right it is not negated by anyone's taking offense. This incident could and should have been a chance for Rutgers and The Gleaner to explain why the freedom of speech must be protected as our fundamental bulwark against tyranny, and why that means that we must all learn to put up with material that offends us.

And once a group's feelings of offense are taken as decisive, that group has a license to take offense at other aspects of campus life. What if Muslim Student Association members declare themselves offended at men and women sharing classrooms at Rutgers, or pork being served in the Rutgers dining hall?

In light of the violent attacks on those who have depicted Muhammad, The Gleaner was bowing to the implicit threat of violence -- which in the long run only encourages more violence. Around the same time the Rutgers Muhammad cartoon incident played out, the Rutgers Art Library featured an "artwork" depicting Jesus on a dartboard. It was ultimately removed, but not because it offended Christians. No one cared if Christians were offended: Rutgers officials knew that offended Christians wouldn't murder them. Their solicitousness toward the MSA, by contrast, reveals that they knew offended Muslims might very well kill them. Rather than stand up for the freedom of speech and against this kind of bullying, they signaled their willingness to surrender and fall into line, accepting Sharia restrictions on speech.

The double standard was stark: Jesus crucified on a dartboard was art -- and what's more, it was courageous -- while a cartoon of Muhammad was beyond the bounds of acceptable expression. One Rutgers student chortled on Facebook that the dartboard "art" was "hilarious," and crowed that "we don't have to cater to the wills of the Church or any denomination of Christianity or religion." A cartoon of Muhammad, on the other hand, was an outrage. No one was crowing about not having to cater to the wills of the mosque. 

This is the kind of respect being irrationally violent will win you. This respect won at the point of a sword does not bode well for the future of free expression in the West.

The brownshirts were back, and on American campuses. And administrators all too often appeared anxious to placate them, rather than determined to protect the freedom of speech and curb their influence.

A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does

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#BlackLivesMatter -- America's NAZI brown shirts


"There's a white man," shouted the African-American woman, "kill him."  "Kill him, let's get him, kill the white piece of shit," the black mob replied. They chased him down like a pack of wild dogs, in this case the man was a reporter for a local newspaper. When he was surrounded, the mob began to punch the luckless man until he fell to the ground. Once on the ground, the crowd proceeded to kick at the prostrate figure. "There's another whitey," screeched a second black woman, while pointing at a white woman, she was a reporter for a local news channel; "kill the white bitch, kill her, kill her."  The crowd stopped pummeling the hapless man and ran toward the white woman. She ran away. A white photographer became the mob's next target. Throughout the night shots rang out and businesses burned, as the black citizens from throughout the community looted every business in sight. As the thugs rampaged through the streets the mob chanted, "What do we want, dead cops; when do we want it, now."  Their motives for the firestorm were crystal clear, they wanted to hurt police officers.

Joe Ragonese (USDefenseWatch) says this may sound like the opening paragraph of a fiction novel; however, it happened on the evening of August 13, 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The next day, spurred on by members of Black Lives Matter (#BlackLivesMatter) and the Revolutionary Communist Party, a second day of protest were planned and held. The mostly black protesters marched to a district police station and stood, their hands held above their heads, trying to reinforce the #BlackLivesMatter lie, hands up-don't shoot.

As the afternoon turned into evening, the riots resumed. Gunshots again rang out, wounding one man in the crowd. Police were forced to use an armored car (one of those militarized vehicles that President Obama wants local police to return to the federal government) to go into the riotous mob to recover the injured man. He was a member of the protesting mob, shouting at the police because he bought into the #BlackLivesMatter lie that the police are hunting and killing black men at will. The bullet that nicked his neck was shot by a fellow #BlackLivesMatter protester. No one in the crowd tried to help him. As usual, it fell to the police to risk life and limb going into the angry and unruly mob to remove the wounded man, then return through the rioters to bring him to medical assistance. Throughout the evening police were forced to dodge rocks and bottles; as well as bullets, hurled at them by the thugs who badly outnumbered them.

That evening also saw the sister of Sylville Smith urge the rioters to leave their neighborhood and go to the white suburbs to rape, loot, burn and kill there. This was not widely reported in the main stream media. Who is Sylville Smith, and what does his sister, Sherelle Smith, have to do with this, you may be asking?  Sylville Smith is the 23 year old black man who pointed a stolen, loaded pistol at Milwaukee Police Officer Dominiue Heaggan-Brown. Officer Heaggan-Brown is also African-American. In order to save his own life, officer Heaggan-Brown shot and killed Smith. Heaggan-Brown was wearing a body camera throughout the chase with Smith, and caught on camera the man turning and pointing the pistol at the police officer. Smith would have not hesitated killing Heaggan-Brown. An autopsy showed that Smith was killed with one bullet to the chest and one in the arm, which is consistent with the police version of the killing of the black criminal.

The truth was irrelevant to #BlackLivesMatter, who immediately organized a social media campaign urging their members to meet at Sherman and Auer Streets, where the black crowd set fire to a BP Gas Station they didn't like because non-blacks owned it. Of course, the rioters turned into looters, taking everything off of the shelves before setting the gas station on fire. As Milwaukee Fire Department trucks responded, shots rang out, preventing fire fighters from extinguishing the flames. Police and firefighters bore the brunt of rocks, bottles and gunshots directed at them. The riots ended the third night, after a curfew was placed in effect; but the template for #BlackLivesMatter had been fully cemented. More incidents like this will follow. It is how radical, totalitarian movements are born.

Make no mistake, #BlackLivesMatter is at the forefront of a radical leftist takeover of America, in concert with the Democratic Party, who want to turn America into a Marxist nation, run by a political class of tyrants. You don't believe it, just try to refuse making a cake for a gay wedding and see what happens. In Washington State, one business owner was fined out of business, by the state, for doing just that. Eight years ago something like that happening was unthinkable. Eight years ago Christians had rights, too. Now they do not. Just eight years ago -- hard to believe; right. In a short eight years, under the control of Barack Obama, with a press who is in lockstep with him, everything that America stood for has disappeared.

Retrace the past eight years, gays and women in the military, gay marriage, removing by executive fiat the Defense of Marriage Act, signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1996, and its removal from law canonized by an Obama-inspired Supreme Court in 2013. (I know there were more justices appointed by conservatives on the court then, but Head Justice John Roberts doesn't seem to be able to stand up to Obama and Anthony Kennedy has just as weak a spine in important matters of the constitution.)  The Defense of Marriage ruling is just one of the failures of this court. God help us if Hillary appoints the next three or four justices.

Ten years ago, 2006, a politician couldn't be elected to office if he said he favored gay marriage, today, he can't get elected to office if he says he is against it. But gay marriage isn't the only social upheaval that has changed the character of America. Women's rights and black lives trump men's and white lives. If you are a white male, in the majority of America, you are a second class citizen. Eight years ago that wasn't the case. Eight years ago you could speak truthfully about reverse discrimination. You know when a white person is denied entry into a college because he or she is white (this also applies to Asians). Affirmative action is the rule of the land now, just when it was fading away where it belonged, it has risen from the grave under the guidance of Barack Obama. Christianity is under attack, we are not allowed to believe in the Bible, and if we do we are racist, homophobic, sexist and any other expletive the left wishes to throw at us. The list goes on and on, this writer is sure that you can think of hundreds of examples of extreme social change over the past eight years.

The span of eight years may seem like a blink of an eye, but Adolf Hitler achieved total control of Germany in that length of time. In 1920's Germany, the NAZI Party used tactics just like #BlackLivesMatter to deal with political opponents. Adolf Hitler was a gifted speaker who convinced many Germans that all of their problems were caused by Jews and communists. He reinforced those beliefs with a goon squad, the S.A. (Sturm Abteilung) known as the ‘brown shirts' to the world. The brown shirts were the #BlackLivesMatter movement of Germany at that time. Like Hitler's NAZIs, the American #BlackLivesMatter movement bases its philosophy on race. The name of the cause says it all, Black Lives Matter; implying that no other life, race or people deserve to live. Its core value is the grievance of being targeted by the police; which is as ridiculous as Jews causing the German people all of their problems. Yet both believed that they were victims of some nefarious plot against them.

Both used violence to be heard, bullied people to fall into line, and silenced critics. In November, 1923, Adolf Hitler went to jail for an attempted coup against the German Government, known as the Beer Hall Putsch. He and his brown shirted goons, got into a shootout with the police, while trying to overthrow the German Government, which Hitler told his followers was full of Jews. He was sentenced to five years in prison for high treason, yet only served nine months of that time. After his release, he returned as the head of the National Socialist Party, known as the NAZI Party, and remarkably, only eight years later, through violence inflicted upon the opposition by the brown shirts, he achieved total power. The brown shirts boldly went into meeting halls and broke up any opposition meetings or rallies, kind of like what has happened at Trump events. These violent disruptions of the opposition were not reported or under reported by a press corps that was in lockstep with Hitler, hiding all of his flaws and the folly of his ideas. He was voted into power in 1932. Yes, that is right, just eight years later. Sound familiar?  He was named Chancellor. A year later the President, Paul Von Hindenburg, died in office and Hitler was appointed Chancellor and President. As supreme dictator he led his nation into World War II.

In #BlackLivesMatter, a charismatic leader, like Hitler, has not emerged. But, it is following the lead of the brown shirts by using intimidation, bullying and capricious violence to get its way. I was in Chicago when they completely shut down a Donald Trump event. I saw the coverage, on Fox News, and only Fox News, because the main stream media is in lockstep with the Democratic Party and refuses to show what is really happening, like women being attacked at a Trump event in California. In Detroit, #BlackLivesMatter infiltrated a Trump speech and tried, unsuccessfully because Trump knows how to deal with thugs, to disrupt it.

#BlackLivesMatter is the brown shirted thugs of the radical left.

#BlackLivesMatter members aren't very bright. They are being used by the radical left to fulfill their goals of a Marxist America, but don't have a clue of that. The reason that we cannot mention black on black crime is that it is very good for the left. All of the killing and mayhem in the inner cities plays right into the left's plans to disarm us by creating an atmosphere of violence that only they can control; if only we are reasonable and give up our guns. Yeah, right. Adolf Hitler said the same thing. Among the first things that he did after gaining total control was to disarm Germans. In fact, although almost unknown, the 1968 Gun Control Act (enacted by a Democratic Congress) was copied, almost word for word, from Hitler's gun control act. It tells you where the minds of Democrats are and always have been. It reminds this writer of Benjamin Franklin's famous quote to the Pennsylvania Assembly in 1755, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither."

As soon as Hitler obtained full power, he decimated the brown shirts, because they were too wild and uncontrollable. Many, who went to battle, killed and bled for him, were imprisoned or executed for false crimes. Once in power, Hitler knew that those thug tactics could be used against him so he alleviated the possibility by ridding himself of the brown shirts. This writer is sure that a similar fate awaits #BlackLivesMatter when their thuggery is no longer needed in the interest of the radical left.

On November 8, 2016, we will vote for the next President of the United States. Hillary Clinton fully supports #BlackLivesMatter and their thuggery. She embraces their movement and opposes the police every chance she can. On the other hand, Donald Trump fully supports the police and lets the world know that he is the only law and order candidate. Donald Trump has provided us with a list of likely Supreme Court Justices that he will nominate, Hillary has not, but her record has always been to side with the radical left.

There will be three to four Supreme Court Justices nominated over the next four to eight years; which of these two do you want controlling America's destiny?  Voting for anyone other than these two is a vote for Hillary. In this writer's view, this election is the most important in America's history. What happens at the voting booth this November  will determine if America will continue to exist as a vibrant free democracy or a failed socialist state like France, Greece, Italy, Spain, or any other of the European states that embrace those failed values and controls every aspect of your daily life.

A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does

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DNC plotted #BlackLivesMatter protests -- then blamed Trump


The Daily Caller reported that several leaked DNC emails show collusion between #BlackLivesMatter and anti-Trump protests.

In at least one of the DNC emails, it showed the DNC working with the "grassroots" organization, #BlackLivesMatter, to plan a "protest" outside a Trump event.

One must remember that after these events, the Democrats, the media and Hillary would claim that Trump was the cause of all these violent and rowdy protests by leftist groups. He caused it because he is a racist  [which he is not]. They bashed him for it. As it turns out, the left was responsible for these "protests".

The email referenced above read that on April 29, at a DNC press staffer, Rachel Palermo, alerted Eric Walker, deputy communications director, about a Facebook page for an anti-Trump protest on May 2 in South Bend. "Whoo! Thanks to our interns for finding this out." Walker replies, "I like it, as long as the students feel safe getting involved. I imagine this demo will be nicer than the one in San Fran today."

That day in San Francisco protesters blocked off roads to an event Donald Trump was hosting. The Republican nominee ended up having to jump down from the highway and sneak around back to enter.

In another other email chain, Daily Caller reported, also on April 29, titled "Week-Ahead Notes & Assignments," former DNC media booker Pablo Manriquez comments "this should be fun" in reference to the May protest.

University of Notre Dame, located in South Bend, is Manriquez's alma mater. A DNC official wrote, "Pablo please reach out to any folks you think may be able to help."

Another protest that's directly mentioned in emails included one that occurred on May 26 in Billings, MT. The email is from May 20 and features notes on the "week ahead."

Intern involvement with protests is mentioned twice in the leaked emails. DNC communications director Luis Miranda bemoaned photos of an empty anti-Trump protest in Washington, D.C. in one email chain.

Miranda said: "Going forward, when our allies screw up and don't deliver bodies in time, we either send all our interns out there or we stay away from it. We don't want to own a bad picture."

A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does

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Police forced Trump supporters to walk through the middle of rioters

Jim Hoft (GatewayPundit) is reporting that Sean Hannity had the father on tonight of the 14 year-old Trump supporter who was violently beaten by the San Jose anti-Trump mob last week. Harmeet Dhillon, the lawyer for the woman violently assaulted and spit on outside the Marriott, was also on Hannity.

Victim's father: "We were directed through the mob. It's one thing to let people protest. It's another thing to make the people go through the protest. Force them to. We weren't allowed to go away from the protest."

Victim's lawyer Harmeet Dhillon: "I've heard anecdotally from people who have spoken to police officers. Right before we were directed into this mob this group of Trump supporters was thanking the police for being there. This is a generally pro-law enforcement crowd. It's not a knock on police in general but in this specific instance it's shocking to see 250 of them lined up and not lifting a finger to help hundreds of victims."

A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does

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San Jose police chief admits his officers were instructed not to stop violent protesters from beating Trump rally attendees

Not a dimes worth of difference

Jim Hoft (GatewayPundit) is reporting that the San Jose Police Department released documents on the brutal mass beatings of Trump supporters last Thursday outside the San Jose Convention Center.

Trump supporters were assaulted, spit on, beaten, cold-cocked, egged, chased, tackled and bloodied as they left the San Jose Trump rally by mobs of far left, Mexican nationalist, Socialist, SEIU and anarchist thugs.

One female Trump supporter was egged and spit on by hundreds of Mexican nationalists chanting “F*ck you!” Another Trump supporter was cold-cocked with a bag of rocks while walking to his car and left bleeding.

trump supporters beaten

Trump supporters were seen running for their lives


The San Jose Police released documents on the planned brutal assault of Trump supporters.

Sundance at Vlad Tepes reported:

Understand the scope of this story and you understand the reason why the entirety of the progressive left has been harping on the Trump University story. They are desperate to keep eyes and attention from the San Jose violence and the city officials who factually facilitated and organized it. Of course the insufferable GOPe and ‘Conservative Punditry’ are stupid enough not to see that.

Newly released arrest reports, from one of the only charges filed so far in the San Jose mob attacks against Donald Trump supporters, contain some harrowing accounts written by under cover police officers who witnessed the onslaught.


Under Cover San Jose Officer #1: […] Throughout the afternoon and evening I watched several individuals wearing “Trump” articles of clothing getting punched, kicked and pushed.

Under Cover #2: […] I was assigned to the Covert Response Unit and dressed in a plainclothes capacity. … As time came closer to 18:00 more protesters arrived; mostly younger males and females between the ages of 14 to 25. … some began burning the United States flag in the middle of the street. It became inherently dangerous for anyone wearing a hat or T-Shirt in support of Trump. I observed Trump supporters being spit on, objects being thrown at them, punched, kicked and even robbed of their personal belongings. In these instances I observed victims running for their lives because protesters began adopting the mob mentality and attacking people.

I was unable to make contact with any of these victims due to my undercover capacity and fear for my own safety as well.

According to numerous eye-witness reports, in addition to the lack of action by the undercover police officers, the uniformed police officers were under a departmental order to stand down and not assist any victim of the mob attacks.

Several victims have now approached media to inform them of conversations where they cried out for help during the beatings only to be told by uniformed officers of the San Jose Police Department that they were under strict instructions not to aid any Trump supporter.

San Jose Police Chief Garcia admitted his officers were instructed not to stop violent protesters from beating the Trump rally attendees. In addition the San Jose Mayor has openly admitted to approving the San Jose police departments plans, and blamed Donald Trump for having the audacity to have a rally in “his city“.

San Jose Arrest Reports

A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does

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Who are the protesters?

Dave Blount (Moonbattery) says in case you need more evidence that the burlesque show you see when you turn on the news is a contrived spectacle, it appears that some of the over-the-top ultra-left protesters causing havoc at Donald Trump events are paid agitators:


An ABC News producer tweeted a photo (above) of protesters burning a "Make America Great Again" hat, stolen off the head of a Trump supporter. It turns out, the woman on the right, Maile Hampton, was profiled as someone who appears to be professional protester, in a story published in WND two weeks ago.

Hampton, who goes by the name KwameKahlo on Twitter, is a self-described "Marxist Leninist." She has been seen and photographed at protests all over California recently, and even in Mexico.

If Hampton is paid to protest against Trump, she isn't alone -- according to Trump supporter Roger Stone:

Writing in the Daily Caller in March, Stone said, "I learned most were from MoveOn or the Occupy movement … Several admitted answering a Craigslist ad paying $16 an hour for protesters."

Stone claimed the protesters were "paid for mostly by George Soros and and pushed by David Brock at Media Matters for America."

Stone's accusations could be supported by the discovery of a Craigslist ad calling for "Temporary paid positions to protest Donald Trump rally" that appeared in Wisconsin in March.


The anti-Trump protesters have been waving Mexican flags, burning American flags, and throwing eggs, rocks, and bottles at Trump supporters. Just as Trump validates all the nasty things liberals have been saying for years about Republicans, the protesters create a situation where it is hard not to see Trump and his supporters as the good guys. At the very least they are providing him with excellent propaganda material.

Some of the ads for protesters are actually looking for people who know how to fight:


These people aren't "protesters," they are political agents -- and when they show up, they are looking for a fight -- and so is the media.

A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does

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Mexican brownshirts burn American flag and attack Americans at Trump rally


The Washington Post is reporting that protests outside a Donald Trump rally in downtown San Jose spun out of control Thursday night when some demonstrators attacked the candidate's supporters.

Protesters jumped on cars, pelted Trump supporters with eggs and water balloons, snatched signs, and stole "Make America Great" hats off supporters' heads before burning them and snapping selfies with the charred remains.


Several people were caught on camera punching Trump supporters. At least one attacker was arrested, according to CNN, although police did not release much information. Watch as a bunch of Mexican, carrying a Mexican flag sucker-punches a Trump supporter.

"The San Jose Police Department made a few arrests tonight after the Donald Trump Rally," police said in a statement. "As of this time, we do not have specific information on the arrests made. There has been no significant property damage reported. One officer was assaulted."

In one video circulating widely on social media, two protesters tried to protect a Trump supporter as other protesters attacked him and called him names.

Another video captured a female Trump supporter taunting protesters before being surrounded by another bunch of Mexicans who struck her in the face with eggs and water balloons.

Here, a hundred Mexicans surround and eventually bloody a single Trump supporter.


Police eventually cleared the protest, which they called an "unlawful assembly."

This is the modern-day Democrat party. This is the future if Hillary or Bernie wins in November.

Mark my words. This is only the beginning.

A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does

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San Diego Trump protester's sign --  "If Trump wins he'll be dead within a week"


Aleister (ProgressivesToday) is reporting that leftists staged another violent anti-Trump protest in California this week, this time in San Diego. One protester was even carrying a sign that promised a threat to Trump's life.

Breitbart reported:

Death Threat to Trump at Protest: ‘He'll Be Dead Within a Week'

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside a Donald Trump rally on Friday, chanting "f**k Donald Trump" and holding obscene signs — including one that included a death threat against Trump should he win the presidency in November.

The young protester held up a sign that read: "If TRUMP wins He'll be DEAD with in A week The Cartel wont have his Bullsh*t."..

Mexican flags waved as the crowd flooded the street in front of the San Diego Convention Center, where Trump was speaking.

At one point bottles were thrown at police, and in the course of the protests, several people were detained. Several piñatas depicted Trump, including one whose head had been severed in the street, with the rest just a crumpled bit of papier-mâché.


When do these people start getting treated as the violent criminals they are?

This isn't peaceful assembly, it's a violent mob.

A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does

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Bernie's brownshirts clash with police at Trump rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico

A protest outside a Donald Trump campaign rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico, turned violent late Tuesday resulting in several police officers being treated for injuries as a result of being hit by rocks.

The presumptive Republican nominee visited the most Hispanic state in America for the first time on Tuesday and the event got off to a raucous start with protesters inside holding up anti-Trump banners and resisting security officers who tried to remove them.

Outside the event, the protest evolved into a riot with thugs throwing bottles and rocks at police and setting things on fire.

Fox News reported:

Police in riot gear and mounted patrol units faced off against a violent crowd of protesters outside a Donald Trump campaign event in Albuquerque Tuesday night.

Hours after Trump and some 4,000 of his supporters left the Albuquerque Convention Center, approximately 100 demonstrators remained in downtown. Smoke grenades were used in an effort to disperse the crowd, while protesters threw rocks, plastic bottles, burning T-shirts and other items at officers.

Related:  Shots fired at trump rally

Ray Starmann is reporting that the protesting groups were 100% organized political Astroturf.   Notice the sign -- see the caption "PSL?"


"PSL" stands for “Party for Socialism and Liberation."  Here’s a copy of their organizing flyer prior to last night's protest rally:


You can visit their website HERE and find out all about them.

The second group, “The Red Nation”, you can visit HERE and see their social justice endeavors.

Who do you think is funding these endeavors?….


The same guy funding Hillary Clinton, George Soros, -- The Billionaires Super PAC

Priorities USA Action is a pro-Clinton Super PAC that is not allowed to coordinate with the Clinton campaign, but is permitted to spend its money to support her. The Super PAC, which includes several well-known billionaires, said it had raised $8.6 million to support Clinton in April, ending the month with $46 million available. Among other uses, the group is planning to utilize the money to pay for negative ads against Trump, a CNBC article reported.

Some of the donors supporting Clinton include:

  • Media tycoon Haim Saban, one of the co-owner’s of Univision, who gave $1.5 million.
  • Haim Saban’s wife, Cheryl, who donated another $1.5 million.
  • George Soros’ son, Alex Soros, who bequeathed $1 million -- Soros Senior had already bestowed $6 million to Priorities USA Action last year. [ SEE THIS LINK ]
  • Daniel Abraham, known for founding the company that introduced Slim-Fast, who contributed $1 million.
  • Former hedge fund manager and current chief scientist of medical research firm D.E. Shaw Research, David E. Shaw, who gave $750,000. (read more)

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Left-wing crazies better stay out of Arizona


Michael Dorstewitz (BizPacReview) is reporting that Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law legislation that provides longer jail times for protesters who block traffic.

The law also prohibits community colleges and state universities from restricting students' "noncommercial expressive activity," according to Your West Valley.

That was the original intent of the bill -- HB 2548 -- but a provision was added in its final form that would give judges the authority to impose stiffer sentences to those who stop traffic from entering political rallies, government meetings or hearings.

It was crafted in response to an incident in March when presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his supporters were prevented from entering a rally in Arizona.

The law, which takes effect on August 6, ups the penalty for those who block traffic in certain circumstances from 30 days and a $500 fine, to six months and a $2,500 fine.

"These bills protect free speech throughout our college campuses and also ensure an individual's right to engage in free speech isn't shut down by someone else who disagrees with his or her perspective," Ducey said in a prepared statement.

The increased penalty should help, according to Ducey's press aide Daniel Scarpinato.

"That hopefully will create deterrent for people intruding on others' abilities," he said.

"There's a balance here of everyone getting their voice heard," Scarpinato added. "And if someone is physically preventing someone from participating in exercising their constitutional rights, that is unacceptable."

Some complain that the provision restricts free speech. Sen. John Kavanagh, who crafted it however, had a different take on it.

"To stop somebody from going to a political rally to hear a candidate is not furthering the First Amendment," he said. "It is suppressing that person's First Amendment right to assembly."

Have you noticed that the left-wing crazies have been missing from Trump's rallies lately?

Once they saw that every time they showed up and tore the place up, Trump's poll numbers went up.

Their level of frustration must be through the roof, heh, heh, heh!

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Protesters block road outside Trump Arizona event


Eugene Scott (CNN) is reporting that dozens of protesters blocked traffic near a Donald Trump event in Arizona on Saturday, while demonstrators marched in New York City to protest the GOP front-runner.

The protesters in Arizona parked vehicles sideways on Shea Boulevard, blocking both lanes of traffic into Fountain Hills, where Trump held a rally Saturday afternoon, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Deputy Joaquin Enriquez told CNN.

Enriquez described Shea Boulevard as the main artery into the area and the protesters' actions were causing motorists to drive into oncoming traffic as they tried to get around them. Traffic was backed up for miles due to the blockage.

"This is causing huge issues for us," Enriquez told CNN. He added, "We obviously have to get this road open."

Enriquez later told CNN that three protesters were arrested and two cars were towed from the boulevard. The deputy emphasized that the arrests were due to protesters blocking the roadway, not because of the protest itself.

Protests at Trump rallies increasingly have become more contentious in recent days. Friday night, protesters outside a Trump rally in Salt Lake City, Utah, tried to breach the venue's doors, causing police officers and Secret Service officers to abruptly shut them as Trump was speaking. And last week, scuffles between protesters and supporters in Chicago led Trump to cancel a rally there.

Trump on Saturday appeared with former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who endorsed the GOP front-runner in January. Arpaio rose to conservative fame with his aggressive roundups of undocumented immigrants and attention-grabbing tactics like clothing inmates in pink underwear.

Speaking to CNN's Fredricka Whitfield earlier in the day, Arpaio said authorities are "going to do everything we can to continue to have this rally," adding that authorities are "ready for any problems."

"We'll do everything possible to make sure we have free speech in this country. Donald Trump has a right to speak out and the people have a right to go in there and hear him speak," Arpaio said. "If certain groups don't like it, that's OK. They have freedom of speech, but they're not going to violate any laws. They're going to have to pay the consequences."

At the rally, Trump touched upon many of the themes that are familiar in his stump speeches -- including bringing jobs back to the U.S. from overseas, tariffs on products made in Mexico and criticism of President Barack Obama's foreign policy -- but particularly focused on illegal immigration, a major issue in Arizona.

"So much crime. Drugs pouring though the border. People are now seeing it. And you know what? We're going to build the wall and we're going to stop it. It's going to end," Trump said.

He added, "Unless you have a border, you don't have a country. Remember that."

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Anti-Trump and anti-American Brownshirts steal, then burn a Trump supporter’s American flag

Charles C. Johnson (GotNews) has obtained an exclusive video of anti-Trump supporters stealing and burning an American flag in Burlingame, California.

Warning: The video has graphic, anti-American language.

A Muslim girl wearing the hijab can be heard shouting to "burn that shit."

Here’s what the videographer Mike Carroll had to say:


Remember, the people burning the American flag are waving Mexican flags.

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90% of these demonstrators are illegal immigrants.. Will be deported soon, if Trump wins.

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Will rioters hand the election to Trump?

John Hinderaker (Powerline) says he thinks Donald Trump likely will defeat Hillary Clinton, simply because she is such a terrible candidate. But if the current trend toward anti-Trump riots and violence continues, Trump could win going away.

Thursday night in Orange County, Trump addressed a crowd of thousands. Anti-Trump demonstrators, some waving Mexican flags, attacked policemen and bystanders. The liberal Los Angeles Times reports:

Hundreds of demonstrators filled the street outside the Orange County amphitheater where Donald Trump held a rally Thursday night, stomping on cars, hurling rocks at motorists and forcefully [!] declaring their opposition to the Republican presidential candidate.

Traffic came to a halt as a boisterous crowd walked in the roadway, some waving American and Mexican flags. Protesters smashed a window on at least one police cruiser, punctured the tires of a police sport utility vehicle, and at one point tried to flip a police car.

One Costa Mesa police officer was struck in the head by a rock thrown by a protestor, authorities said.

The rioters "appeared to be mostly Latinos in their late teens and 20s." Seventeen were arrested.


Riots continued yesterday at the California GOP convention south of San Francisco. Protesters blocked traffic so that Trump was forced to exit his vehicle to get to the hotel where the convention was in progress. Riot police made at least five more arrests of violent protesters.

Protesters -- some of whom wore bandanas over their faces and carried Mexican flags -- blocked off the road in front of the Hyatt Regency here, forcing the GOP front-runner's motorcade to pull over along a concrete median outside the hotel's back entrance. Trump and his entourage got out and walked into the building.

"That was not the easiest entrance I've ever made," Trump said once he began speaking at the convention, adding, "it felt like I was crossing the border."

At one point before Trump arrived, about two dozen protesters tried to rush barriers near the hotel. Police officers then rushed to the building's doors, successfully blocking the protesters from getting in. Some of the doors' handles were handcuffed from the inside so they couldn't be forced open.

Several physical altercations, including shoving, could be seen between protesters and police officers, who were using batons to push them back.

After Trump arrived, protesters took down a barrier and flooded the entrance outside the hotel, where police again blocked them from entering. They chanted, "Get him out."

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 7.35.24 PM

We are seeing more and more of this kind of thing. Leaving downtown Minneapolis tonight, I bumped into a friend who was steaming because he was delayed by anti-Trump protesters who blocked traffic. Is there something in the Constitution about a right to close down streets and bridges, and delay others who are lawfully going about their business? I must have been absent that day.

Most people really, really don't like violent protesters. They especially don't like rioters who wave foreign flags. If there is anything that could guarantee Donald Trump's election as president, this is it.

UPDATE: One more thing: I love the guy in the photo above, standing in front of a sign that says "Keep Hate Out of America" while flipping a double bird. Liberals are devoid of any sense of irony.

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They aren't "protesters" they are "rioters

"Democratic" Brownshirts again resort to violence and beat a Trump supporter bloody.

These are the people that accuse Donald Trump of being a "hater," but they are just fine with beating the stuffing out of a guy just going about his business.

WND is reporting that Donald Trump’s rally in California was marked by violent protests that led police to arrest 20 -- though eye witnesses said supporters of the billionaire businessman were all peaceful and the swell of aggression stemmed solely from the opposition camps.

"The Trump supporters were the peaceful people singing patriotic songs, festive and happy, while the protesters were very angry and high aggression," one rally attendee, Terry Krokosz, told Breitbart.

Fights broke out all over, with protesters chanting the likes of "racists go home" at the Trump supporters, and "Whose streets? Our streets," while at least one driver began spinning donuts in the middle of the street action, NBC said.

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Two little girls pepper-sprayed by leftist at Donald Trump protest in California


CBS News is reporting that supporters and opponents of Donald Trump clashed outside City Hall, and five people, including two little girls, were pepper-sprayed by a demonstrator during the heated confrontation, police said.

No serious injuries and no arrests were reported in Tuesday's clash as about 50 people confronted each other in the Orange County community.

Backers waving U.S. flags and pro-Trump signs were met by opponents and a shouting match began before a City Council meeting where an anti-Trump resolution had been proposed that the council eventually chose to take no action on.

At one point, an opponent unleashed a hand-held pepper-spray device on the pro-Trump crowd.

Five people, including two girls ages 8 and 11, were exposed to the eye-stinging spray, police Sgt. Daron Wyatt said. Three were treated at the scene by paramedics.

The man fled, but police were looking for him, Wyatt said.

One woman wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat comforted the girls, whose faces were streaked with tears. The girls complained that their eyes and mouths hurt.

"I can feel it now, it's pungent," the woman, Lilia Zapatos, told KNBC-TV minutes after she was sprayed.

"He sprayed me in the face. Then at the same time, I was backing away; he sprayed that little girl," another Trump supporter, Raul Rodriguez, told CBS' Los Angeles affiliate. "I know what he looks like. We've got a picture of him. And we're going to prosecute him. We're going to file charges against him for assault and battery, not only on me but on that little girl."

Linda Reedy of Laguna Niguel, a member of the pro-Trump group We the People Rising, pressed an ice pack to her face after being hit by the spray.

The anti-Trump group goaded her and her friends, and one man jumped on one of her friends, she said.

"I just think they're so out of control," Reedy told the Los Angeles Times. "I'm so sick of the anger in this country."

The confrontation occurred before the City Council discussed a resolution proposed by one councilwoman condemning what it called Trump's divisive rhetoric.

The motion said Trump's remarks - which have been perceived as offensive to Mexican immigrants, Muslims and other groups - are contrary to Constitutional principles and don't reflect Anaheim's "guiding principles of inclusiveness and kindness."

The arguments from outside continued during the public comment period inside, but remained civil as the meeting stretched for hours into the night.

CBS2 reported that nearly 100 people attended the City Council meeting, most of them opposing the resolution. Councilwoman Kris Murray, who introduced the proposal, cried as she endured hours of blistering ridicule from the public.

"Your business is to govern Anaheim. Keep your noses out of the national election," one Anaheim resident said.

Eventually the council voted 3-2 to take no action on the resolution.

The clash came as Trump scored a five-state East Coast sweep Tuesday to embolden his hopes of clinching the Republican presidential nomination without a battle at the convention.

Protesting a political candidate is the American way. Using violence and weapons to do if is the fascist way -- and America's left-wing is as fascist as they come.

And what's worse is the media equates the peaceful Right with the violent Left.

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Trump supporter's car is vandalized by Sander's supporter


It looks like Bernie supporters aren’t big on private property if the object in question belongs to a Trump supporter. One poor guy had his tire slashed and his car vandalized and the perpetrator admitted it in the police report.

The Danger and Play blog reported:

Trump Supporter has Tire Slashed, Car Vandalized by BernieBro (Police Report)

The police report reads:

"I on the 11th day of the 4th month of 2016 did maliciously attack a hate symbol protected by free speech. After disturbing the vehicle and dumping rotten food into the interior I feel I have improved the community and supported our nations values by stopping a promoter of hate speech. I do not wish to have ignorant bigots in my town and in a just world the person deserved what was received. The situation is made whole. As America is far from just, I expect the bigot will want to be made whole. With this I declare he is owed nothing. But as the situation is what it is, I intent to make individual whole provided he cease to promote ignorance and hate. I do not expect the law to recognize damage to tools of hate or racism, such things need to be destroyed so good people may remain and become free."

This is a perfect example of how the liberal-progressive's mind works.

He sees himself as a "good" person. It would never occur to this idiot that he is the hater. He is the bigot. It is he who is ignorant.

It is this state of mind that allows him to break the law and damage the private property of a neighbor and believe he is completely justified.

In other words, he's nuts.

And in New York City, the storm troopers protested the "hater" Trump -- but who are really the intolerant ones? 


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Trump "protestors" threaten to "shut down Manhattan"

Cheryl Chumley (WND) is reporting that a coalition of left-leaning groups has vowed to "shut down" Manhattan during a Thursday protest against GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

Breitbart obtained a copy of the meeting agenda of the "Shut Down Trump Coalition" organization's plans for its protest at the New York Republican Gala at the Grand Hyatt in Manhattan, and on it was this telling text: "Medics (arrival time?)"

Another checklist item under the tag, "Review/Assign Roles and plans for Thursday," was "jail support."

The coalition reportedly included members of Black Lives Matter, People's Power Assembly, Fight for 15, International Action Center, Planned Parenthood, Labor and several other groups.

Breitbart posted copies of flyers of the event, some in Spanish, which read: "Shut down Trump in NYC, NO to Racism! Trump is speaking to Republican fat cats."

The protest advertisements come as police in Pennsylvania at a Trump rally made several arrests. One Twitter poster noted the scene: "Hundreds of protesters screaming stop Trump and ‘Donald Trump go away, sexist, racist, anti-gay.'"

And another, Mediaite found: "Anti-Trump protesters at Pitt are blocking most of Fifth Ave."

Video of the Tuesday campaign stop showed anti-Trump protesters reacting violently during their chants, resulting in police forming a human barricade to stop their aggressions against Trump supporters.

The media, working hand-in-glove with the radical Left create these riots.

No media, no riots. It's as simple as that.

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Unbelievably fascist and the fact the college allowed this type of bullying to occur on campus should encourage students to leave the college and attend a college that promotes free speech.

This is unforgivable.


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Trump supporters all you have to do is contact your Local Oath Keepers and have them secure your meeting.  Trust me, like they did in Ferguson during the 2nd staged riots, these folks backed down.

Fight power with power. Know your laws and expose this crap for what it is. Fascism.

Now you know what the University of Missouri was like under this mess.

People wanting 5, 10, 15 minutes of fame to please their dear leader (George Soros).


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It is clear that progressives have adopted the tactics of intimidation and even violence. This thread will document the fascist behavior of so called liberal-progressives.

First we need a definition of fascism. I have copied this one from Wikipedia, a heavily left-wing influenced website:

"Fascists believe that liberal democracy is obsolete, and they regard the complete mobilization of society under a totalitarian one-party state."

That defines the agenda of the modern Democrat Party.

And now, the "Brownshirts:"

The SA (Sturmabteilung or Storm Detachment) was better known as the Brownshirts or Storm Troopers. The SA got their nickname from the color of the shirts they wore. From 1921 to 1933 the SA disrupted the meetings of Adolf Hitler's political opponents and  defended the halls where Hitler would make a speech in public. According to the Nuremberg Military Tribunal, the SA was made up of "ruffians" and "bullies". However, it played a very important role in the first years of the NAZI Party (National Socialist Worker's Party).

We begin our journey through liberal-progressive tolerance with this video in which angry leftists -- modern-day Brownshirts -- crash a "Students for Trump" political meeting, shutting it down:

It was utter chaos at Portland State University Thursday evening, as over 100 wackjob commie students crashed the forming meeting for Students For Trump. Fights nearly broke out, doxing and vandalism threats were issued to Trump supporters, Latino students were shoving the Trump students out of the way, another student encouraged others to join anti-capitalist groups, they shut down and silenced the pro-Donald Trump group, mocking their talking points, whined about TRUMP chalk on the sidewalk, and it ends with the socialist students gloating about shutting it down and promising to come back if Students for Trump holds another meeting.

The organizers of the Students For Trump meeting called campus security after a fight nearly broke out, but security refused to act and never sent any officers.

And if you listen to liberal-progressives, fascism is a far-right philosophy.

A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does
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