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What Arne Duncan did to your kid

Keith Koffler says retiring Education Secretary Arne Duncan is nothing less than the poster boy for Barack Obama's determination to inflict as much centralized government on Americans as possible.

Duncan, who announced Friday he'll step down in December, decreed what is effectively a national education standard -- the much-reviled "Common Core" -- before anyone really understood what was happening. Neither Congress nor state legislatures had much of a say.

Even as Obama early in his first term was noisily realizing the liberal dream of universal health care, Duncan was quietly, and swiftly, doing something similar with education.

Duncan, in collusion with billionaire Bill Gates, whose foundation was spending millions in support of Common Core, pressed states to act quickly on the program. Duncan dangled billions from the 2009 stimulus before the states, handing them cash if they quickly adopted the standards.

"Because of the way education policy is generally decided, the Common Core was instituted in many states without a single vote taken by an elected lawmaker," the liberal Washington Post reported last year. "It was a clever way around federal laws that prohibit Washington from interfering in what takes place in classrooms … The movement grew so quickly and with so little public notice that opposition was initially almost nonexistent."

Meantime, in a brutal, backhanded federal power grab, Duncan offered to exempt states from onerous requirements in the No Child Left Behind law and its test-driven education standards if they instituted Common Core.

By 2010, the program had been adopted nearly nationwide. Critics say the standards were jammed into place without sufficient testing or proof that they would work. In effect, Duncan has made guinea pigs of your kids, as he and Gates gamble that the new standards will have a positive effect.

Two years ago, Duncan offered up some contempt and racial profiling in his criticism of those who questioned Common Core:

"It's fascinating to me that some of the pushback is coming from, sort of, white suburban moms who -- all of a sudden -- their child isn't as brilliant as they thought they were and their school isn't quite as good as they thought they were, and that's pretty scary," Duncan said. "You've bet your house and where you live and everything on, 'My child's going to be prepared.' That can be a punch in the gut."

The comment raises questions about whether part of Duncan's motivation is a typical left-wing desire to artificially equalize society.

When Obama said just before Election Day in 2008 that he was on the cusp of "fundamentally transforming the United States of America," he wasn't kidding.

He pushed through sweeping change in the most fundamental areas of our life -- education, environmental standards (for greenhouse gas emissions) and health care -- while attempting to unilaterally legalize millions of illegal immigrants. In three of four of these areas, he moved without the cooperation of Congress.

The animating force behind such thinking is the presumption of liberals that they are smarter than everyone else and know what's best for people. Annoying matters such as the Constitution and democratic values are to be discarded if necessary to save the rest of us dummies from ourselves.

Arne Duncan was one of those who knew best. His legacy for your children or grandchildren is a wholesale change in the way they must learn -- and a government with greater purview over their lives and one that cares less about what they think.

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Homework in dhimmiland

Dave Blount says you really should help your kids with their homework. Even if they don’t need it, you need to know what is being crammed into their heads at your expense. Via iOTWReport:


It’s good for kids to learn about Islam. But you could teach them more by showing them a single picture than they are likely to learn from Common Core P.C. propagandists:


Meanwhile teaching kids anything about the Christian religion around which our society developed would probably get a teacher fired.

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#BlackLivesMatter "founder" teaches class "in defense of looting" at Yale

S. Noble is reporting that #BlackLivesMatter founder DeRay McKesson was a guest lecturer for a one credit course at Yale Divinity School.


The title of the course is "Transformational Leadership in the Black Lives Matter Movement" and the topic for Friday was to read In Defense of Looting. The subtitle of the racist piece is, "For most of America's history, one of the most righteous anti-white supremacist tactics available was looting."

If he wasn't teaching this course, he'd be doing what he normally does -- nothing.

The Co-Founder is ShordeeDooWhop aka Johnetta Elzie who tweeted this:


Americans have to stop ignoring the racism by radicals like members of #BlackLivesMatter. They're getting a pass.

This group wants the local police nationalized to stop their alleged brutality against blacks. It also happens to be Barack Obama's goal for them.

The article rails against "white supremacy" and condones violence and looting as political protest. The rationalizations abound:

"Calling breaking a window "violent" reproduces this useless definition and places the whole argument within the rhetorical structure of non-violence ideology. Not-non-violent, then, becomes the more useful term."

They have a distorted view when it comes to the media:

"The media are more respectful to white serial killers and mass murderers than to unarmed black victims of murder."


"…no matter how peaceful and well-behaved a protest is, the dominant media will always push the police talking points and the white-supremacist agenda."

Separating the looters from the good protesters is bigotry too:

"However, in trying to correct this media image -- in making a strong division between Good Protesters and Bad Rioters, or between ethical non-violence practitioners and supposedly violent looters -- the narrative of the criminalization of black youth is reproduced. This time it delineates certain kinds of black youth -- those who loot versus those who protest."

They don't even give JFK any credit.

The last paragraph is all you need to know:

"When, in the midst of an anti-police protest movement, people loot, they aren't acting non-politically, they aren't distracting from the issue of police violence and domination, nor are they fanning the flames of an always-already racist media discourse. Instead, they are getting straight to the heart of the problem of the police, property, and white supremacy."

Should Yale give radicals a forum?

It's one thing for Yale to provide a forum for radicals -- it's what the Ivy League does -- but to pretend this nonsense has any educational value is absurd.

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Blaming the victim -- violent assaults on school teachers


Walter Williams says as the new school year begins, you might like to be updated on some school happenings that will no doubt be repeated this academic year. After this update, I have some questions one might ask the black leadership.

The ongoing and escalating assault on primary- and secondary-school teachers is not a pretty sight. Holly Houston is a post-traumatic stress specialist. She counsels teachers in Chicago public schools and reported, "Of the teachers that I have counseled over the years who have been assaulted, 100 percent of them have satisfied diagnostic criteria for PTSD." It's not just big-city schoolteachers traumatized. Dr. Darlyne Nemeth, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, said last year, "I have treated many teachers with PTSD, and I am currently following a few of them."

A Philadelphia seventh-grade girl with a history of incidents against her teacher sprayed perfume in the teacher's face after telling her that she smelled "like old white pussy." After telling her classmates "I'm about to kick this bitch's white ass," she shoved the teacher, knocking her to the floor. In 2014, a Philadelphia 68-year-old substitute teacher was knocked out cold by a student. Earlier that year, two other teachers in the same school were assaulted. By the way, Philadelphia schools employ close to 400 school police officers.

In a school district near St. Louis, teachers have had pepper spray and dog repellant sprayed in their faces. A Baltimore teacher had his jaw broken. In Baltimore, each school day in 2010, an average of four teachers and staff were assaulted. A 325-pound high-school student in Houston knocked out his 66-year-old female teacher. Nationally, an average of 1,175 teachers and staff were physically attacked each day of the 2011-12 school year.

School violence is going to get worse. Last year, the Obama administration sent all the school districts in the country a letter warning them to avoid racial bias when suspending or expelling students. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan claimed that racial discrimination in the administration of discipline is "a real problem today. It's not just an issue from 30 or 40 or 50 years ago." Last year, in Washington, D.C., an official of a teachers union tried to explain to a national gathering of black elected officials why white teachers are so problematic for black students, saying they just do not understand black culture. Excuses and calls for leniency will embolden school thugs.

What about student conduct in the 1930s, '40s and '50s? Don't take my word. Ask black congressional representatives, 46 percent of whom were born in the '20s, '30s or '40s. Start off with Reps. John Conyers (86), Charles Rangel (85), Eddie Bernice Johnson (79), Alcee Hastings (79) and Maxine Waters (77). Ask them whether their parents or kin would have tolerated their assaulting and cursing teachers or any other adult. Ask them what would have happened to them had they assaulted or cursed a teacher or adult. Ask whether their parents would have accepted the grossly disrespectful behavior seen among many black youngsters in public places -- for example, using foul language and racial epithets. I'd bet the rent money that they won't tell you that their parents would have called for a "timeout." Instead, they will tell you that they would have felt pain in their hind parts. Then ask these leaders why today's blacks should accept behavior that previous generations would not.

The sorry and tragic state of black education and its attendant problems will not be turned around until there's a change in what's acceptable behavior and what's unacceptable behavior. That change must come from within the black community. By the way, it is an idiotic argument to suggest that white teachers are problematic for black students because they don't know the culture. I'm nearly 80 years old, and during my North Philadelphia school years, in schools that were predominantly black, at best there may have been three black teachers.

Related:  California issuing diplomas to high school students who flunked out

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#BlackLivesMatter leader gets gig at Yale

Nicole Haas is reporting that the #BlackLivesMatter movement's most vocal leader just landed himself a dream job: teaching at Yale University.

Yes, the prestigious Ivy League college.


Starting this fall, Deray McKesson will be a "guest lecturer," teaching a one-credit course titled "Transformational Leadership in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement," Campus Reform reported. According to Campus Reform:

McKesson, whom the university describes as a "civil rights activist and social media leader," will teach a course titled "Transformational Leadership in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement," as part of Yale Divinity School's "Transformational Leadership for Church and Society" program. "A young leader of the Black Lives Matter Movement," a syllabus for the course reads, "DeRay McKesson will present case studies about the work of organizing, public advocacy, civil disobedience, and social change, through both Leadership of Presence, and Leadership in the Social Media."

The reading list for the course is rife with material boosting the #BlackLivesMatter movement and radical reform. McKesson dabbled in academia in the past. His LinkedIn profile says he was a middle-school math teacher from 2007 to 2009 and worked in the human resources department for the Minneapolis public school system before becoming a full-time BLM activist, Campus Reform reported. McKesson's social media critics pan him as a consummate opportunist traveling the country to fuel the racist rhetoric that's dividing a nation.



The parents of Yale's students are spending $65,000 for tuition ONLY to have their offspring indoctrinated by the likes of this racist punk.

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Colleges are brainwashing students into believing 9/11 was our fault

Paul Sperry is reporting that not all of us will be mourning 9/11 victims and their families tomorrow -- on the 14th anniversary of the attacks. Hundreds of college kids across the country will instead be taught to sympathize with the terrorists.

That's because their America-hating leftist professors are systematically indoctrinating them into believing it's all our fault, that the US deserved punishment for "imperialism" -- and the kids are too young to remember or understand what really happened that horrific day.

Case in point is a freshman-level English class taught at several major universities across the country called "The Literature of 9/11" -- which focuses almost entirely on writings from the perspective of the Islamic terrorists, rather than the nearly 3,000 Americans who were slaughtered by them.

The syllabus, which includes books like "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" and "Poems from Guantanamo: Detainees Speak," portray terrorists as "freedom fighters" driven by oppressive US foreign policies.

Even highly ranked University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has adopted the curriculum. The 9/11 seminar is taught by UNC associate English professor Neel Ahuja, who specializes in "post-colonial studies."

In Ahuja's twisted worldview, al Qaeda terrorists are the real victims. "Abu Zubaydah's torture may be interpreted as simply one more example of the necropower of US imperialism, the power to coerce and kill targeted populations," Ahuja recently wrote in an academic paper criticizing the war on terror.

He says America's depiction of the 9/11 terrorists as "monsters" is merely an attempt to "animalize" them as insects and justify "squashing" them in "a fantasy of justice."

This colonialist "construct" of an "animalized enemy," he added, "dovetails with the work of mourning the nation after 9/11 (which in the logic of security must be made perpetual, melancholic)." To him, it's all cynically designed to justify more "imperial violence" against "Muslim, Arab and South Asian men."

Ahuja goes on to decry the US "colonization" of Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan, along with "aerial bombing (and) indefinite detention" of al Qaeda terrorists at Gitmo. In other writings, the professor bashes Israel and sides with Palestinian terrorists, further revealing his agenda.

He clearly has an ax to grind, which critics say the university gives him license to exercise through "The Literature of 9/11" curriculum.

A group of concerned UNC students has complained to administrators that the 9/11 course, also taught at the University of Maryland and other campuses, is being used to brainwash impressionable underclassmen.

"These readings offer points of view that justify terrorism, paint the United States and its government as wholly evil and immoral and desecrate the memory of the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks," the UNC College Republicans said in a recent letter to Chancellor Carol Folt.

"There is not a single reading required that focuses on the lives of the victims, the victim's [sic] families, American soldiers (or) families of American soldiers," they added. "Nor is there a perspective that portrays the United States as acting in good faith before, during and after the Sept. 11 attacks."

The course, moreover, "does not teach students how to think, it teaches them what to think," the letter continued. "And the material it presents is an apologetic for the violence and murder against the United States."

The university replied that freshmen should be exposed to differing points of view, even radical ones.

"Part of the college experience is the opportunity to learn from those who have differing points of view. Carolina's first-year seminar program is part of that growth," the administration said in a press statement, while insisting "the university isn't forcing a set of beliefs on students."

But several students who have taken the course warned in a professor review blog that Ahuja, who earns $72,100 a year spewing his unAmerican propaganda, does not tolerate dissent.

"He favors kids who share his views, so learn to do that," said one reviewer. "A very interesting guy, just don't disagree with him."

Added another student, in a January 2014 post: "I would avoid contradicting him openly."

"Agree with his stance in your papers!!!!" advised another in November.

What's happening in Chapel Hill is not isolated. Presenting terrorists in a sympathetic light and the US as an imperialist nation is standard fare. This is what, in varying degrees, most college kids are learning today, all over the country.

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Talk about brain-washed.  He's the poster child for it.  Not depressing, disgusting!

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Simultaneously hilarious and depressing

Back with another short video capturing the radical Left hoisting itself on its own petard, filmmaker Ami Horowitz interviews UC Irvine student government leader Matthew Guevara (no relation to Che) on his successful petition to have the United States flag removed from the student lounge earlier this year.

Actually, Horowitz doesn't so much interview the student as punk him brilliantly, exposing the hypocrisy behind his own words.

Guevara, whose parents came to this country seeking a better life (his words), and who attends college on government financial aid (but it's not hypocritical because he's using the tools of the system to bring down the system, right?), describes the United States as the most evil, oppressive nation on earth.

He claims that almost every professor and grad student he spoke to favored his petition.

Where do you think this kid learned all this crap? In the federally funded indoctrination centers know as the university.

These "institutions of higher learning" are infested with radical Marxists posing as "educators."

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Law schools dominated by Democrat professors

Kate Hardiman is reporting that legal scholars educating the next generation of attorneys and judges are mostly Democrats, according to a wide swath of research, a troubling trend that some say hinders academic freedom, unduly influences judicial rulings and scholarly work, shortchanges students, and is antithetical to the notion of diversity.

Republicans -- as well as right-leaning women and Christians of both genders -- are vastly underrepresented among law school faculties, a trend that spans much of the last two decades, according to a recent study published by a Northwestern University law professor.

Law Professor James Lindgren found that in 1997, women and minorities were underrepresented among law professors compared to some populations, but Republicans and Christians were vastly underrepresented. Today, Republican women remain "almost missing from law teaching," according to his survey, published in March.

"In the 2010s, the dominant group in law teaching remains Democrats, both male and female. Democrats make up nearly 82 percent of law professors," Lindgren stated.

"Affirmative action has succeeded so thoroughly that, compared to lawyers, the largest underrepresented groups in law schools today are white Christians, Christians, white Republicans, and Republicans," he adds. "In terms of absolute numbers, the dominant group in law teaching today remains Democrats, both male and female -- a disappointing result after four decades of hiring intended to make law professors more representative of American society."

In another study, two University of Chicago law professors reviewing the link between law professors' ideology and their published research found that, when developing their data set, a majority of scholars at elite law schools make donations to Democrat political candidates.

Inspired by those findings, attorney John Browning, an adjunct professor to three Texas law schools, looked at a sample of Southern Methodist University's 45 full-time law professors' campaign contributions.

He found 10 of the 12 scholars studied who made political donations did so to Barack Obama in both 2008 and 2012. Additionally, many of the 12 donated to the Democratic National Committee and supported Democrat congressional candidates, Browning told The College Fix in an interview.

It's a troubling trend that influences legal scholarship and shortchanges students, he said.

"Faculties are not showing any indications of changing their hiring practices, and it is really the students that suffer from this," he said, noting professors' liberal ideology can profoundly influence some law classes, such as those on constitutional law or national security.

"A good law professor, regardless of his or her political leanings, will teach in a professional manner and not betray those leanings," Browning said. "Yet, we can't help but see the leanings in how they write and that enables them to advance in the system."

Browning said he believes the lack of conservative legal faculty adversely affects academic freedom.

In fact, after "An Empirical Study of Political Bias in Legal Scholarship," was published by University of Chicago law professors Eric Posner and Adam Chilton in July, a conservative law professor contacted them to explain how leftist ideology hindered his work.

"When I was a junior professor, I spent a lot of time thinking about the best ideological mix to present in my articles," stated the professor, who asked to remain anonymous. "Obviously, I wouldn't write a paper taking a view I didn't actually hold. But I was quicker to write up ideas of mine perceived as liberal than ideas of mine perceived as conservative. The political orthodoxy in my field is strongly liberal, and I figured my work would be taken more seriously by other scholars if I presented a mix of views."

Browning corroborated the professor's claims, and said, "if you're a law professor looking to gain tenure and remain favored by your colleagues, you're going to be discreet about disagreeing with their values."

As for Posner and Chilton's data set, among their initial sample of 140 professors who made political donations, only 8 had donated more money to Republicans than Democrats.

"This is perhaps unsurprising given prior research that has suggested that academics are skewed far to the left, that lawyers skew to the left as a profession, and even that legal academics skew to the left," stated Posner and Chilton, citing several additional studies supporting their statement.

"Conservative scholars have also complained that law school faculties are left-wing," they added. "A study … found that law professors at the top law schools who made political contributions overwhelmingly contributed to Democratic candidates for political office. One commentator laments that lack of ideological diversity among law professors leads to an ‘echo chamber' that prevents ‘an accurate understanding of contemporary reality.'"

"If liberals predominate on the faculty, and scholarship reflects ideological biases, then legal research may advance a liberal world view rather than understanding of the law."

For example, many law professors' quotes to journalists propagate a leftist interpretation of the law, and what's more, "law professors, unlike other types of academics, directly influence the law by writing articles that judges read and occasionally cite in judicial opinions," they stated.

Conservatives have organized their own legal institutions, such as the Federalist Society, but hiring practices themselves have remained largely static, Browning said.

Conservatives have challenged some law faculty hiring policies in court that they feel discriminated against their political ideology.

Teresa Wagner, a former legal writing instructor at University of Iowa Law School, sued the university after they passed her up to hire a candidate with lesser qualifications.

Wagner, a member of the conservative Christian Family Research Council and pro-life National Right to Life Committee, contended that the decision was based upon her outspoken conservatism. One of the professors opposing her appointment, Randall Bezanson, helped draft the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in 1973.

Her first trial ended in a hung jury. A subsequent appellate jury did not rule in her favor.  The University of Iowa's law school had 50 faculty members at the time, 46 of whom are registered Democrats, according to The Washington Times.

"After four decades of hiring to make law professors more representative of American society, law faculties are probably less representative ideologically than they have been for at least several decades," Lindgren concluded in his study. "Diversity hiring does not necessarily lead to a diversity of viewpoints -- and regarding political views, usually leads in the opposite direction."

Concludes Browning: "I find it ironic that the very group, academics and law professors, who have spoken so often in favor of diversity have found that they care more about diversifying skin colors and genders than diversifying their points of view."

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Teachers union promotes "white privilege theory" -- says if you're white you're racist

Lonely Conservative is reporting that the American Federation of Teachers is now promoting the "white privilege theory" and telling people that if they’re white they’re racist. Is that really a message we want to be sending innocent children? Will making white kids feel guilty over their skin color help race relations? Will telling black and Hispanic kids that all whites are racist help race relations?

Good grief, the next thing you know this will be part of Common Core.

From EAG News:

Randi.jpg If you’re white, you’re racist.

That’s the basis of an American Federation of Teachers Racial Equity Task Force that gathered recently at the Renaissance Hotel in St. Louis, reports.

"In order to face racism, we have to internalize it and understand it," AFT President Rhonda "Randi" Weingarten said. "Those of us that are white, we have to internalize and understand our own racism. Not just your own privilege, but our own racism and out own biases."

At the meeting, about 40 members of the task force analyzed how the public school system is racist against black and Hispanic students, building on the "white privilege" movement promoted to schools in recent years.

"White privilege" theory stems from the idea that the public school system is hopelessly stacked against minorities and the only way to change the learning gap and disproportionate suspensions for those students is to cater the system to their "culture." (Read More)

Oh, and of course the "white racist," Randi Weingarten, is a big supporter of the "white racist," Hillary Clinton.

I’m sure you’re shocked.

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Why does Common Core require teaching Islam?

Should parents be penalized for demanding that their child be exempted from the required teaching of Islamic in Common Core curriculum? Should a teach or public school administrator penalize parents and children for seeking exemption? Parents are finding out the answers to these questions first hand.

Bethany Blankley is reporting that to date, public school students have been required to:

Parents must first understand the origins of Common Core, and more importantly assert their First Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment rights -- that protect them as parents to make educational decisions for their children.

Technically, Common Core originated from the National Governor's Association (NGA), Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), Achieve Inc., ACT and the College Board. Its state standards are copyrighted by the NGA and CCSSO, a private company, which means they cannot be changed. (The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the United Nations, and Pearson Education, an NGA donor and CCSSO's listed business and industry partner, were integral to creating these standards.)

In 2009 the "Race to the Top" federal education initiative encouraged states to receive federal money to adopt new standards that would improve their public school children's test performance results. In order to participate, members of both state boards of education and state educational professional standards boards voted to adopt Common Core.

However, Common Core really originated from the Connect All Schools program, which is part of the "One World Education" initiative orchestrated by Qatar Foundation International (QFI). The director of QFI's Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics is Tariq Ramadan, grandson of Hassan al-Banna who was the founder of The Muslim Brotherhood.

QFI enlisted Pearson Education to implement and assess Common Core. Pearson Education is listed on the London and New York Stock Exchange; the Libyan Investment Authority is its largest financial contributor, most recently holding 26 million shares.

According to the Financial Times, the Libyan Investment Authority was founded by Muammar Gaddafi's son, Seif al-Islam. Along with Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia also invested in the Libyan Investment Authority to fund Pearson Education's implementation of Common Core.

According to the Guardian, Pearson Education claims it operates in a free market as a public company and has no control over its shareholders' alleged terrorist-related activities.

Notably, in 2007, two years before the "Race to the Top" initiative, the FBI uncovered documents revealing the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, which entailed indoctrinating American K-12 students by teaching Islam.

The seized documents were part of a 2007 Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest terrorist-related funding trial in American history. The FBI uncovered an invaluable document, which exposed the Muslim Brotherhood's manifesto "on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America" (Exhibit 42945 and Exhibit 42946).

In addition to creating Common Core curriculum and standards, Pearson Education also solely evaluates teachers in some states.

In order for New York State, for example, to continue receiving "Race to the Top" federal funds, New York was required to implement "reforms." Pearson Education now solely administers the Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA).

As a result, New York State no longer evaluates its teachers -- a private company does -- whose primary investors allegedly finance terrorism and propagate Islam.

To date, no state or federal oversight exists for university programs (under Title VI of the Higher Education Act), which train K-12 teachers to develop lesson plans and seminars on "Middle East Studies."

Essentially, a non-American public company largely owned by alleged terrorism financiers orchestrated the development and implementation of Common Core, defined and oversees its standards, and evaluates teacher and student performance -- not state or federal agencies. 

As a result, the American government handed over public school education to foreign interests. Parents have the Constitutional right to reject both the indoctrination of Islamic teaching of their children by "unreasonable state interferences."

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Teachers urged to teach "gender fluidity" in classrooms


Trey Sanchez is reporting that the National Council of Teachers of English has published its "Diverse Gender Expression and Gender Non-Conformity Curriculum" which urges English teachers of middle- and high school students to infuse discussions about the "complex" nature of gender into their classroom lessons - that is, ensuring students don't limit "gender" to mean simply male or female.

The introduction to the publication lays it all out:

An equitable focus on issues honoring a range of diverse expressions related to gender and gender non-conformity in the ELA classroom is necessary to meet all students' needs and to help all students develop complex ways of understanding gender. We recognize that gendered divisions and definitions are unsatisfactory at best, destructively limiting at worst, because classrooms are typically set up to reflect sustaining heteronormativity and gender roles. Instead, we hope to encourage a continued, fluid recognition of "gender" as something that is complex, incomplete, infused with cultural power discourses of race, class, socioeconomics, sexuality, and much, much more.  As such we believe that gender equity is not a "female" or "male" concern, but a universal issue.  

Teachers are further urged to "develop a lens" that would help them "think critically" about how gender is expressed and identified -- again, beyond just male and female. As language arts instructors, they are encouraged to choose texts for students to read that highlight these perspectives and offer a "diverse range" of characters that don't conform to traditional gender roles, including those represented in the LGBTQ community. A selected bibliography is provided that includes MTV documentaries, books on feminism, sexism, and the deconstruction of masculinity as the predominant theme in society.

The stated goal for this is not only that teachers might develop their own lens, but to hone their students' lenses as well:

Developing such a lens for use in the secondary English classroom is an ethical, intellectual, and social imperative that provides students with opportunities to engage in critical readings of multiple texts and the world around them.

The teachers are given several directives on how to introduce this perspective into the classroom and are encouraged to use "out-of-school" works, including social media sites and YouTube videos. Teachers are asked to have a "nuanced understanding" of what each student is deriving from these gender-fluid studies, and resist having a "predatory stance" on these texts, regardless of any noted expertise of a work or field of study.

Here are five steps listed for teachers to get the ball rolling:

  1. Read literature using a gendered or gender non-conforming lens.
  2. Read popular culture and mass media texts with a gendered lens.
  3. Consider the role gender or gender non-conforming issues have played in their lives.
  4. Consider issues of equity based on gender and sexuality in people's social, economic, and civic lives.
  5. Develop meaningful instructional strategies that provide students with opportunities to do the same.

The goal, as stated in the NCTE summary, is ultimately of "liberating students" from the outdated gender binary system and helping them "become consciously aware" of all the possibilities of identity in the culture that surrounds them. 

Modern public school education:

1.  America sucks
2.  All white people are evil racists
3.  You can be whatever kind of freak you want to be
4.  You don't need to learn -- you'll be promoted
5.  You don't need to behave -- you won't be punished

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Leftist power in the classroom

S. Noble says we are told that we must diversify our neighborhoods, but that tolerance only seems to go one way.

An article I first read on a website affiliated with Buffalo Public Schools caught my attention and I decided to trace its origins. What I found was fairly shocking. The article, White People, Why Are So Many of You So F*****g Fragile? appears on websites and Facebook pages of so-called educators in more than just Buffalo schools. It's interesting because of the hate it spreads and where it's being spread.

The Buffalo Parent-Teacher's Organization in Buffalo, New York, which is fronting for the New York State United Teachers and the Buffalo Teachers Federation according to Board Member Carl Paladino, posted it on the Facebook page, Buffalo Schools: Believe, for the children to see. The program is highly visible, it's leftist, it's propaganda and it's supported with tax dollars -- $500,000 to be exact.

The subtitle of the article is: "The problem here, my fellow whiteys, is that racism does still exist in America today. In fact, it's alive and kicking, and shows itself readily to anyone what actually wishes to see it..'"

It's written by Danny LeDuc aka The Angriest Angel -- a self-loathing white guy and ardent supporter of the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter.

Angry Devil
The article is a manifestation of the same hate, bigotry, and ignorance the writer is railing against.

This is an excerpt:

The behavior I'm referring to is deep indignation at the accusations I recently leveled at my fellow white people. To sum up, I called most of white America in on the carpet, and blasted them with both barrels for the horrid way in which we white Americans have treated people of color. I repeatedly referred to white America as "we", even going back to pre-Civil War slavery's era.

But oh, wow…are there ever a lot of white people (almost all of them men, I'll point out) who responded with practically a word-for-word response: "I didn't do any of those things. I'm not a racist."

The very idea that I would have the nerve to lump them in with blatant overt white supremacists was just way too much for them to handle. They felt I had no right to label all white people (meaning them) as racist, slave owners, white supremacists, or any other term that might cast an aspersion on their goodness and decency. After all, they never owned slaves. They never lynched a black man.

This racist dribble is unimportant but what is important is our taxpayer dollars are going to fund programs promoting this garbage which is being used to indoctrinate America's young children with the worst kind of hate. It's a way to win over poor minorities to the leftist cause.

The latest nonsense is "white fragility" which is -- allegedly -- according to the Salad Bowl website -- "a series of responses and defense mechanisms used by white people when they are confronted with discussions about racism. For white people, their identities rest on the idea of racism as about good or bad people, about moral or immoral singular acts, and if we're good, moral people we can't be racist -- we don't engage in those acts. This is one of the most effective adaptations of racism over time -- that we can think of racism as only something that individuals either are or are not ‘doing.'"

This is utter nonsense.

"White fragility" is right up there with "white privilege" and "white supremacy". It is an effort by the Left to portray our country and white people as inherently racist, our systems as hopelessly racist, and the only solution to all this racism of course is to end the Capitalist system and replace it with some utopian statist society.

The Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools also posted the article along with articles by Communists like famed Stalinist educator Mike Klonsky.

Philadelphia is a poor minority area and this is where the leftists have a huge impact.


The Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools (APPS) claims to be "an organization of parents, community members, teachers, school nurses and librarians dedicated to the preservation of public schools."

The article was also posted on another educator's cyber-community website called Empathy Educates which has a Facebook page dedicated to Bernie Sanders, George Soros' Mother Jones, and essays such as the one that claims white people are all "smug racists".

Affiliates of Empathy Educates are the nationwide movements, Save Our Schools and Small Schools. Small Schools was founded by domestic terrorist and Communist Bill Ayers. Mike Klonsky is one of the leaders of the program.

Ayers is also closely aligned with Save Our Schools. Bill Ayers is listed as a partner of Empathy Educates on their website.

Bill Ayers

The co-editor of Empathy Educates, Bob George, is the National Director for Save Our Schools and an active member of the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization and the Journey For Justice 2 Alliance

The article was originally posted on a website called The Medium July 14th. As you might guess, it's a very left of left-wing site.

The Buffalo tax-funded propaganda is blatant. The tax money goes for signs like the one below.

Buffalo Schools Believe

Buffalo Schools: Believe is getting parents to post signs on the front lawns.This isn't going to solve their problems -- about 50% of the student don't graduate and only half go to school at all.

Also on the program's Facebook page is a promotion of social justice rallies.

Buffalo Schools Beleive

The left-wing propaganda article also appeared on the Journey 4 Justice website which focuses on Chicago minority schools.

One affiliate of some of these groups is BATs, which I happen to know from personal interactions is a group of thousands of Socialist-Communist-Union activists.

Another affiliate is Border Crossers which "trains and equips educators to be leaders of racial justice in their schools and communities," according to their website.

In other words, they radicalize students and teach them to protest for radical causes.


Many are tied to the extreme Rethinking Schools movement begun by Howard Zinn. You can read about that on this link. Famed Marxist Howard Zinn wrote A People's History of the United States, a vulgar narrative of history in which the United States was forever cast as the villain and which was meant to poison the minds of so many young Americans. In this tale, the United States is evil on earth.

This is what some of our children, especially our poor minority children, are being exposed to, so if you wonder where all this "White Privilege" hate is coming from, look to the leftist networks who have worked hard to infiltrate the school system, especially in our poorer neighborhoods.

Terrorist Bill Ayers said that the left's power is in the schools and classrooms.

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I would have missed that one as well. I would have chosen "A."

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Common Core redefines "family"

Trey Sanchez is reporting that a high school health test's fumbling question about defining family is a small glimpse into the world of America's ever-declining educational system. If you were thinking that family is composed of blood relatives, you'd be wrong.

A screenshot of the test question was captured and shared on Twitter by Will Saletan, a writer for Slate. He states that when his son answered the question, "Family is:," with "A collection of related-by-blood individuals living together," he got it wrong.


The "correct" answer provided on the test is, "Family is a collection of individuals who care for and about each other." Now to be fair, that is one way to describe family, especially families with adopted children or the husband and wife who aren't blood-related and choose not to have children.

However, the Common Core wording leaves much ambiguity to where at least two definitions could technically be correct, but only one is considered the most correct. So, good luck kids, trying to provide the answer you think teachers are looking for.

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National Education Association's attack on homeschoolers is blasted as outrageous

Paul Bremmer is reporting that the National Education Association has launched an attack on the practice of homeschooling, and one leading education expert is not taking it lying down.

"The National Education Association's radical attacks on constitutionally protected liberties and homeschooling families in particular are outrageous and should be vehemently denounced by every real educator and every real American," internationalist journalist and educator Alex Newman declared.

The NEA's 2014-2015 resolution on homeschooling begins like this: "The National Education Association believes that home schooling programs based on parental choice cannot provide the student with a comprehensive education experience."

Freelance writer Patrice Lewis, who homeschools her children, seethed at that line.

"Who has the authority to define 'comprehensive?'" Lewis asked. "The NEA? Why should they be the ones to define comprehensive and not the parents? Each family may define a 'comprehensive' education differently, and each parent should have the right to choose how they want their children educated.

"'Comprehensive' as defined by a far-left progressive agenda-driven union and special interest-supported legislators and bureaucrats is almost guaranteed to fly in the face of the morals, values and traditions of parents who don't have similarly leftwing progressive agenda-driven views."

Newman, who co-authored the book "Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America's Children," pointed out that if homeschooled children weren't getting a good enough education, they wouldn't be beating public school students like they are now.

"The undeniable fact is that homeschooled children outperform victims of NEA-controlled government schools on every objective metric by huge margins," Newman claimed. "The NEA knows this, and it is undoubtedly one of the association's central motivations for this reckless attack."

Lewis, a WND columnist, seconded that point.

"To the frustration of the NEA, homeschoolers have become well-known for their academic strengths," she said. "This has been demonstrated over and over again when homeschoolers whup the fannies of publicly educated kids on standardized test scores."

Indeed, the National Home Education Research Institute reports homeschooled students typically score 15 to 30 percentile points higher than public-school students on standardized academic achievement tests. And this is regardless of the parents' level of formal education or the family's household income.

Lewis noted homeschooled children earn higher GPAs in college and graduate at higher rates than their public-schooled peers despite the supposed lack of socialization associated with homeschooling. But the fact is they're actually more socialized than other kids, she said.

"That's because homeschoolers aren't locked in the artificial environment of classrooms, and instead are out in the real world, making friends of all ages and experiencing life outside of structured field trips," Lewis explained.

"Additionally, and unlike many public-schooled kids, homeschooled children are almost uniformly mature, socially capable, polite, well-spoken, ethical and hard working. These intangible benefits are every bit as important as the tangible academic subjects for a well-rounded 'comprehensive' education, and in fact arguably are more important in terms of long-term job prospects and security."

The NEA actually wants to discourage homeschooled kids from socializing with their public school peers. Part of the organization's resolution states, "The association also believes that homeschooled students should not participate in any extracurricular activities in the public schools."

Lewis' reaction was, "Um, who's paying for public schools in the first place? Answer: taxpayers, which include homeschooling parents. They should have every right to participate in extracurricular activities they've paid for."

Lewis said it makes no sense for schools to bar homeschooled children from extracurricular activities, because even if those students participate, they are still using far less of the school's resources than regular public-school students, even though the parents of the homeschoolers are still paying the same amount in taxes.

"The fact that the NEA is against such homeschooling participation in extracurricular activities smacks of petty vindictiveness and a punitive, spiteful attitude, rather than intelligent reasoning or -- more likely -- the lost opportunity to indoctrinate another child into the progressive brainwashing," Lewis opined.

Furthermore, the NEA homeschooling resolution states: "Instruction should be by persons who are licensed by the appropriate state education licensure agency, and a curriculum approved by the state department of education should be used."

But if every child learned from a state-approved teacher and a state-approved curriculum, the results would be similar to what is seen in communist countries, according to Lewis.

"We would have dismally identical uniformity of thought, behavior and morals," Lewis said. "We would have no creativity, no diversity, no thinking outside the box. We would crush the spirits of children whose interests, skills and abilities fall outside what the NEA deems acceptable."

America is such a diverse land, according to Lewis, that uniformity in education makes no sense.

She said, "No one wants to have their children shoehorned into an educational system that gives no variety, no opportunities for the exceptionally gifted or exceptionally slow; a place with no permitted variation in opinions, learning methods or viewpoints. That's what communist schools do. Does America really want rigid uniformity in its youth? I thought the left was all about 'diversity.' Why not in education? Or are progressives lying when they claim to support diversity?"

Newman, for his part, believes giving government schools an even greater monopoly over education would be "the worst possible education policy." But he thinks more Americans will begin to homeschool as they realize the public schools are failing their children.

"As more and more Americans -- people of every race, religion, political creed, and socio-economic background -- realize what a disaster government schools have become, the homeschooling movement will continue to grow by leaps and bounds," Newman predicted.

The author said he would like to be able to laugh off the NEA's resolution, but the association is so powerful that he must take it seriously.

"The fact is that, through compulsory unionism and dues, this extremist outfit has amassed a vast fortune and an army of lobbyists to attack educational liberty," Newman said. "The NEA and its agenda must be exposed and stopped. In the meantime, serious educators who value freedom and quality education should immediately distance themselves from the NEA and its disgusting attacks on educational freedom, the American people and unalienable rights."

Lewis believes the bottom line is the NEA doesn't want any children to escape government control, thus the attack on homeschooling.

"They abhor the thought of allowing children to be 'brainwashed' into sincere religious beliefs, conservative or traditional values, and -- heaven forbid -- a biblical worldview (which to progressives is a fate worse than death for those poor kids)," Lewis exclaimed. "Instead, the NEA and the government want children ready for the 'Brave New World' where the state is the supreme authority, values and morals are fluid and situational, and the worldview is based on 'Fifty Shades of Gray.'"

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Huffington Post writer challenged to debate Common Core

Paul Bremmer is reporting that Alex Newman, who co-authored a new book on the problems in American education, "Crimes of the Educators," with the late Samuel Blumenfeld, says he's ready to debate Rebecca Klein of Huffington Post.

"I formally re-issue my challenge to Ms. Klein to debate me on Common Core, any time, any place, or at the very least interview me on the subject, as is standard journalistic practice before attacking somebody," he told WND.

Newman was confronting Huffington Post Education Editor Rebecca Klein over her June 4 article, "5 of the Most Extreme Claims Made Against Common Core In The Last 5 Years."

One of her claims was Newman's contention in March 2014 that Common Core was part of a global agenda to "transform American children, and students around the globe, into what globalists refer to as ‘global citizens' ready for the coming ‘green' and ‘sustainable' world order."

He is asking for her to investigate the claim for herself.

"If the Huffington Post's education editor thinks using education and Common Core to create green global citizens is extreme, she really should take it up with UNESCO, Bill Gates, Achieve, Inc., and Obama Education Secretary Arne Duncan," Newman told WND.

"As she now knows from the many official documents I've sent to her on this matter -- documents found on the websites of UNESCO and the Department of Education -- both bureaucracies are very open about what they are doing: using schools to create what they refer to as ‘green' and ‘global' citizens."

For example, in a 2010 speech at the Sustainability Summit, Duncan bragged that his Education Department was "taking a leadership role in the work of educating the next generation of green citizens and preparing them to contribute to the workforce through green jobs."

In a separate 2010 speech given to UNESCO, Duncan proclaimed the U.S. must partner with foreign countries to tackle global challenges.

He declared: "These new partnerships must also inspire students to take a bigger and deeper view of their civic obligations -- not only to their countries of origin but to the betterment of the global community."

Information about the efforts to create "green" and "global" citizens is freely available online, Newman said, but Klein did not appear to consult it.

"Unfortunately, Ms. Klein seems to have just copied and pasted material from a discredited report put out by the fringe leftist group the Southern Poverty Law Center, without bothering to check out the information before publishing it," Newman said. "I've offered Ms. Klein the opportunity to debate me on Common Core and education, whether on HuffPost Live, on which I've appeared before, or any other venue of her choosing. So far I have received no response."

In her article, Klein also accused WND columnist Patrice Lewis of saying the Common Core standards will "indoctrinate kids under a Nazi society." Lewis scratched her head at why the Huffington Post would bother to target her column.

"I think they must be desperate for material if they're picking apart a weekly column by an obscure rural housewife," she quipped.

At any rate, according to Lewis, the HuffPost mischaracterized what she wrote.

"I drew parallels between the blatant indoctrination in Nazi Germany preceding World War II and the current indoctrination taking place in American public schools," Lewis told WND. "The HuffPo header said, ‘They Indoctrinate Kids Under A Nazi Society.' Nowhere did I say America was a Nazi society, but there are indisputable similarities."

The columnist said America is moving toward a "groupthink" mentality like the ones in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. She also claimed the nationalization of education standards under Common Core represents a government attempt to control the minds of youth, just as Hitler attempted to capture the minds of German youth.

"The only reason the progressives pooh-pooh any parallels drawn between Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, and current American society is because liberals embrace and agree with the goals," Lewis declared. "Their side is ‘winning.' They're the ones controlling public education and the mainstream media. They applaud any and all attempts to capture the minds of children away from the so-called narrow, bigoted, outdated, racist, homophobic, sexist (did I miss anything?) attitudes of their parents."

Lewis pointed out that Klein didn't bother to refute any of the five "extreme" claims she documented in her article.

"Sure, [The Huffington Post] had a nice giggle at the expense of conservatives," Lewis said. "‘Ha ha, look at all the tinfoil-hat wearers.' But the article did nothing to refute these concerns."

Newman also addressed another one of Klein's five "extreme" claims: that Common Core will turn kids into communists and/or socialists. She accused Glenn Beck and Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Okla., of making those assertions. However, as Newman pointed out, that's not exactly what Beck and Bridenstine said.

"In fact, what Beck and Bridenstine suggested -- that elements of socialist philosophy underpin much of the ideology behind the standards -- was entirely accurate, despite Klein's attempt to distort it and take it out of context," Newman said.

Klein's fifth "extreme" claim was Family Research Council President Tony Perkins' assertion that Common Core will turn kids against Christianity.

Newman said he agreed with Perkins on that score, and in "Crimes of the Educators," Newman detailed many of the ways public education tries to stamp out Christianity in children.

"Perhaps it is no surprise, then, that Ms. Klein and the Huffington Post made no effort to actually address the ‘extreme' claims or show why they were extreme, much less inaccurate," Newman concluded. "Of course, the Huffington Post is not known as a reliable source for news or information, but this half-baked attempt at propaganda was especially pitiful."

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Independence and individualism denounced as white characteristics

Dave Blount says the progressives who have been using their control of public education to sabotage society appear to be racists, who associate the most noble human qualities with whiteness. As they are moonbats, their goal is to eradicate these qualities.

Oregon's Gresham-Barlow school district spends $100,000 each year on a white-privilege conference that teaches its faculty that they're racist and should therefore blame themselves for student misbehavior.

The week-long "Coaching for Educational Equity" conference is mandatory for all administrators (and optional for teachers) in the Portland-area K–12 school district each year, according to the Education Action Group Foundation, a national non-partisan, non-profit education reform organization headquartered in Michigan.

EAG reports that school-board member Dan Chriestenson recently obtained the conference materials after a long battle with the Oregon Center for Educational Equity, the private nonprofit that presents the conference.

"Many white people in Oregon have no idea that our schools and state are immersed in white culture and are uncomfortable and harmful to our students of color, while also reinforcing the dominant nature of white culture in our white students and families," one of the conference documents explains.

The manual defines this "white culture" with a list of values, such as "promoting independence, self expression, personal choice, individual thinking and achievement," because apparently those are strictly "white" concepts and not emphasized in black communities.

Independence and individualism are so despised under liberal ideology, moonbats have convinced themselves that only hated (or self-hating) whites have these qualities.

When we have progressed to utopia, there will be no independence and no individualism. There won't be many white people either, except among the ruling elite.

The training instructs participants to stop "blaming when students don't meet standards" and instead start "examining our beliefs and practices when students don't meet standards." It advises faculty to avoid "controlling or teaching discipline to students" and to instead think about "changing school practices that alienate students and lead to disruptions."

It would seem obvious that nothing would be more likely to lead to disruptions that encouraging the most problematic kids to act out and then blame their misbehavior on "white privilege." But then, it would also seem obvious that malevolent lunatics should be kept far away from education, instead of being allowed to reshape it into something that makes us weak instead of strong.

Here's how leftists define the whiteness they oppose:


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The continual fight (and fallout) of Common Core in Oklahoma


Julia Seay says this time last year, Oklahoma was celebrating the passage of HB3399, which was the law to end Common Core once and for all in our state. Well, it turns out that the same groups that chanted, "Common Core is the law; we have no choice but to teach it" are not so gung ho to follow the law now that it is the law not to teach it. Unfortunately, one of the worst groups to thwart the LAW is the Oklahoma State School Superintendents Association, for which overpaid Superintendents are dancing all around the law with the help of our beautiful new State School Superintendent. They are doing everything possible to get Common Core back in, or keep it in by any other means or name.

One of the most egregious situations that is part of the fallout of Common Core is the loss of so many great teachers. Their creativity, their skill, their stand for rights of parents and children is not welcome here any longer. The ones who are outspoken against Common Core and the obsessive data collection are at risk of losing their jobs.

Linda Murphy, former educational policy advisor to Gov. Keating, said this:

Good teachers are being driven out of the classrooms by administrators who push the "new think" experimental methods. We must work to get rid of policies destroying our schools and remember the importance of a human being who cares about the students and applies their professional education and experience to helping them learn!

Those teachers that have been awarded and acclaimed and applauded in the past are leaving the field, either because they have been handcuffed into not doing their jobs the way they see fit, or nudged, pushed or shoved out because they might dare notify parents of their rights to opt out of a test, or let parents know that data is being collected on their children.

A few days ago we experienced another casualty, teacher Ginger Brown. Ginger was an outstanding teacher in the Oklahoma City Public School District. With her permission, I am sharing her story:

I would like to share a few words that sum up what I feel are the most frightening words I've ever heard in light of everything we know and everything that is occurring in education.

On Friday, I went to complete my end of the year check out with the principal at Mark Twain Elementary. I thanked her for the opportunity to teach there and expressed my gratitude for the experiences and learning I had gained throughout the year.

Her reply, "I feel that you are unteachable." In …a few words she told me in no-uncertain terms, why she did not want me to return next year to teach at Mark Twain Elementary.

This from a principal in a district (OKCPS) that takes every opportunity to publicly cry out about teacher-shortages and inequitable distribution of certified and high-quality teachers in low-income and minority communities.

Regardless of my certifications, qualifications, highly effective evaluations, and data-driven proof of student progress, accomplishment and success, I am considered UNTEACHABLE.

I am a lifelong learner. I am extremely open to being taught new things and to learning new things, but I also reserve the right to remain objective and ask questions.

Unteachable? No!

Unable to reeducate? Exactly!

School's are not teaching critical thinking to their students or their staff. School's are teaching absolute compliance and conformity in how and what people should think.

Throw out what we know. Throw out what we know works. Instead, spend countless hours and unjustifiable amounts of money to reeducate, retrain, and remold all minds to conform to the progressive, humanist model of education.

Aside from those profiting financially from the federal takeover of public education, the long yearned for goal by some, of the United States of America as a socialist collective controlled by the humanist ideology is being achieved.

Education is a powerful thing. The people in control of the nation's education, those with the power to directly influence and reeducate the minds of anyone who passes through the door of any institution of education have the power to alter the past, control the present, and direct the future of an entire country and all within. Education can not be controlled. Education can not be centralized. Education must not be allowed to conform to the views of one entity, one ideology, one perspective, or one opinion.

The future of education in the United States of America is terrifying when we are told we are, "unteachable", and then removed from the process entirely. Individual, objective thought is being systematically removed. This will not end well.

We all have a stake in our nation's education. As an educator, a parent, and a citizen of the United States of America, I demand that our voices be heard, not marginalized, not silenced, and not removed from the process when we don't agree. "Unteachable" is a word that should never come from the mouth of any educator! Ever!

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What happens when you turn education over to the feds? ask Oregon

Macey France is reporting that the following is what happens when the federal government owns you.

Oregon is in the process, legislatively, to make it easier on parents wishing to opt their children out of high-stakes testing such as Smarter Balanced. The bill traveling through the legislature was sponsored by Lew Frederick, a Democrat who is a friend of teachers’ unions and many in education.

He is just about the only legislator in Oregon interested in protecting children’s privacy, data, and working on education policy in general.

According to this article,

Frederick thinks the Smarter Balanced tests are suspect. He wants all parents to be sent more information about them and guaranteed the right to exempt their children. If the HB 2655 passes, parents would not have to cite any basis for opting out of tests, ending the requirement that parents cite a religious justification.

Right now parents have to cite either religion or disability as a reason to opt their children out of the tests and many schools are doubling down on scare tactics to get the parents to acquiesce. When enough children opt out, the test becomes invalid and the school gets punished.

What happens when you’ve turned your state's education system over to the feds, though? They rule over you with an iron fist, of course.

The feds have sent notice to Oregon’s former deputy superintendent of public education threatening the loss of funding if Oregon's legislature passes and bill Frederick has on the table and then is signed into law by the Governor Kate Brown.

The state could potentially lose up to $140 million dollars in federal education funding tied to the testing if the bill passes.

According to the assistant U.S. secretary of education, Deborah Delisle, this is "proactively encouraging parents to opt students out of assessments and failing to hold districts and schools accountable."

However, Frederick believes the Obama administration is just blowing smoke about pulling funding. It would leave their involvement in what is supposed to be state led education under more question than it already is.

Oregon department of education has warned that the threat is very real. And, really, by law, it is very real. The feds can absolutely withhold funding. It’s what happens when you let them takeover something that is supposed to be the state’s responsibility.

Penalties for Oregon could range from being told in writing to stop breaking the rules to losing all $325 million in yearly federal school funding, Delisle wrote, but she said most in jeopardy are the state's $140 million a year in Title I money, the component of federal funding most directly attached to the No Child Left Behind rules.

This year a record number of Oregon students opted out of state testing. If the bill passes that number could grow exponentially. The bill doesn’t encourage parents to opt their child out; however the bill will require school districts to give the parents information about the tests and notify them of their parental rights to opt out if they wish.

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Progressive indoctrination at Los Altos High

Devin Fehely is reporting that a group of students at Los Altos High School want California history textbooks revised, claiming the current textbooks don't tell the whole story.

The students claim the version of American history taught in California classrooms is at best incomplete and at worst biased and inaccurate: failing to adequately cover the experiences, accomplishments and frequent mistreatment of communities of color and women.

"There's definitely value at looking at the good things we have done, there's definitely value at being proud of those things, and there's even more value in acknowledging what we haven't done correctly," one of the students said.

Members of a history club at the school, which calls itself "The Left Guild" for its left-leaning politics, say they spent months reviewing the state's history standards.

In a letter to State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, the group describes the current curriculum as "sanitized" and "misrepresentative" of the actual historical record.

In one of the group's more controversial claims, they said U.S. foreign policy after World War II represents an "actual holocaust" which has resulted "in the needless deaths of hundreds of millions."

"If we're not, on the one hand, learning about the true scope and scale of crimes against humanity upon which the United States was formed, the genocide of Native Americans, the realities of slavery, we're not going to understand the similar crimes playing out in the present tense," said Seth Donnelly, the group's faculty advisor.

San Jose State University Professor Bob Rucker said reassessing the textbooks is long overdue, that our history books themselves have a long history of neglecting the stories of minorities and women.

"More people were involved in the history of this country, so more people should be included and seen as part of the learning of the history of this country," Rucker told KPIX 5.

The state's Department of Education said they will hold a series of public meetings, in a process that's expected to take months, if not years.

Los Altos is one of the wealthiest communities in California. These students are the sons and daughters of the privileged.

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Common Core blaming humans for climate change

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Common Core crowns Oregon "worst graduation rate in the U.S."

Macey France says this recent headline, Oregon Has the Worst Graduation Rate in the US, is perhaps shocking to those who don’t know what’s going on in education.  However it comes as no surprise to those of us who study diligently.

All over the country folks are upset about Common Core, which is basically outcomes-based education. We are no longer providing the same opportunities for all with the hopes that the outcomes will be good, but ultimately will be what the kids do with those opportunities. We are skewing the opportunities so that everyone has an equal outcome. Make sense? That’s outcomes-based education.

Oregon has been doing this since the 1990s. We had the cim/cam (think certificate of mastery) debacle, which failed. Did we ditch it? No. We renamed/rebranded it.

For all the other states in the nation that are watching and see that Oregon is the worst across the country, take note. We will all be ‘tied for last’ if we move forward with the Common Core.

The federal government is working towards making all states like Oregon. We are simply ahead of the curve. Instead of pulling back on failed OBE policies and letting the teachers do their jobs, we continue to write legislation that entrenches it deeper. We double down on failed procedures.

Imagine it like this: A person is injured, perhaps cut with a knife in the abdomen. It’s superficial but we need to repair it. Instead of stitching it up, we get a bigger knife and go deeper. Uh-oh, now the wound is really bleeding. That’s not good. So we fire up a chainsaw and before you know it, we’ve killed the patient.

Just as we are killing education. Our children’s futures.

So am I surprised that we have the worst grad rates in the country? No. I’m surprised it’s taken this long to be acknowledged.

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A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does

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Schools now tasked with creating "green" citizens

Common Core is not a benign set of federals standards meant to make your children smarter, warns an educator who says it looks more like an indoctrination program to push students toward "green" jobs for a "green economy."

Alex Newman, coauthor of "Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America's Children," pointed to speeches by Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

"He gave one to UNESCO in 2012, for example, and he bragged that he was using these standards and our government schools to create green citizens to take their place in the green world order with their green jobs," Newman said in an interview on the One America News Network's "On Point with Tomi Lahren."

Newman urged viewers to remember Van Jones, President Obama's former green jobs czar, an admitted Marxist and 9/11 "truther." He supported a prisoner who was sentenced to death for murdering a police officer, and he once referred to congressional Republicans as "a–holes."

Newman believes that kind of radicalism is what to expect from the green-job advocates who wish to turn American children into cogs in a "green world order."

"They're preparing the children -- and they tell you this -- they're preparing the children for the workforce, and this is like central planning on steroids," Newman said. "It's always failed everywhere."

He explained that Common Core's data gathering is about federal government control.

"They want to know everything about your kid, everything about your family, everything about their opinions, their academic performance, their psychological profile," he said "And they're building these huge dossiers in Washington, D.C., which of course is against the law and against the Constitution, and they're going to use that absolutely for central planning purposes."

Newman told host Tomi Lahren that several large companies, including Microsoft and Pearson, also plan to profit from Common Core.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is one of the largest investors in Common Core, and Pearson publishes study guides and other materials to prepare students for standardized tests.

"There's no question that one of the huge problems and issues with this is that we have all these big, humongous, so-called education businesses and technology companies hoping to cash in on this cash cow," Newman said.

Common Core is so bad that the two subject-matter experts hired to rubber-stamp the standards both refused to do so, according to Newman. Sandra Stotsky was not comfortable with Common Core's English standards, and James Milgram claimed some of CC's math standards were based on incorrect math.

"So now we have standards based on, in some places, incorrect math," Newman said. "This is absolute Looney Tunes math. People with a math degree can no longer help their second graders with their math homework. This is totally, totally crazy."

But Newman has hope, because all across the country, parents are resisting Common Core, including Democrats, Republicans and independents.

"Everybody is in an uproar about this, and it's going to continue, and the politicians don't really seem to care," Newman said. "They've got Jeb Bush strong-arming them. They've got the special interests strong-arming them.

"But parents are tough people to deal with, and parents are saying, 'Enough is enough!' They're taking their kids out of the schools so they don't have to do the Common Core tests, and this rebellion is going to keep growing.," he said.

"The politicians are ignoring this at their own peril."

A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does

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Team Obama pushes public boarding schools

Joe Saunders is reporting that a short drive from the Georgetown University campus where Barack Obama excoriated wealthy parents who send their children to private schools on Tuesday, his education secretary proposed creating public boarding school for children -- paid for by the taxpayer of course.

"One idea that I threw out … is the idea of public boarding schools," Arne Duncan said at the National Summit on Youth Violence Prevention in Crystal City, Va.

"That's a little bit of a different idea -- a controversial idea -- but the question is, do we have some children where there's not a mom, there's not a dad, there's not a grandma, there's just nobody at home?

"There's just certain kids we should have 24/7 to really create a safe environment and give them a chance to be successful," he said.

Never mind that cynics will already point out that every state in America has a department of child services intended specifically to take care of children without parents. (Not to mention the already too-large juvenile justice systems.)

Never mind that what he's proposing is the literal take over of the parental role by a government determined to achieve the fascist ideal of state-raised children.

Never mind that it's as one Twitter user put it, another move by the "Obama regime" (and the Democrats who enabled it) to supplant the role of a family structure they've done their best to destroy.

A Republican Congress won't allow it, and please God a rational Supreme Court could stop it.

There's something even more remarkable here.

Dunclan's remarks only took about eight minutes (the entirety is available here), but as a testament to liberal idiocy, it's rare to have it boiled down so conveniently.

He bemoans the death of the nuclear family.

He spouts minutes of nonsense about how the "gang-bangers" he sits down with back in Chicago tell him in all sincerity that kids only deal drugs because summer jobs are so lacking. Winter drug dealing is an adults-only affair, apparently, and everyone knows every kid born without a father to support him will jump at the chance for a "chump change" minimum wage job over a lucrative career.

Seriously, even Duncan and his cheering liberal audience can't believe this. No sane person can, and its clearly not important that it's true. It's been said so many times, in so many ways, since Lyndon Johnson and the Democratic "War on Poverty" bannished black men from the home

Worst of all was his ending, which has also been spewed at so many liberal education conferences that the libs could repeat it in unison, like concert fans singing along with their favorite song.

Adults have only two seriously responsibilities, he said. To listen to young people and deliver what they ask for.

"I'm convinced our young people have the answers," he said.

No, that's not at all what adults are supposed to do. It's an abdication of responsibility not even the lowest brute in the jungle, blessed only with God-given instinct rather than a rational mind, would be capable of.

The results would be -- and are -- the continuous self-destruction that American cities have seen since the 1960s, most recently in Baltimore, in Ferguson, and whatever liberal stronghold that shows up next on the news in the long hot summer that's coming.

And Duncan's audience gave him a standing ovation.

We used to call these institutions "reform schools."

A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does
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