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Princeton to "re-educate" its male students


Paul Mirengoff (PowerLine) is reporting that Princeton Universityis looking to hire an "Interpersonal Violence Clinician and Men's Engagement Manager." In addition to providing clinical support for the men at Princeton, "[t]he Manager will develop and implement men's programming initiatives geared toward enhancing awareness and challenging gender stereotypes…"

If you want to apply for the job, you had better be a leftist. Two of the "essential qualifications" are:

(1) a "Masters or doctorate in social work, psychology, women's and gender studies, public health, or related graduate degree,"

(2) "ability to balance strong commitment to social justice with a capacity to navigate complex organizational systems."

As Karin Agness Lips, writing for Forbes, observes:

Women's studies departments emerged out of the women's movement of the 1960s and 1970s and have established themselves as one of the most dependable tools of the Left on campus. And the term "social justice" has been taken over by the Left to mean supporting liberal causes and ideas. In other words, the job description itself signals an unmistakable political agenda.

Note, too, that the second qualification suggests a tension between commitment to social justice and ability to function in the real world, a suggestion worthy of its own blog post.

It is important for universities to foster an environment of mutual respect between the sexes. But Princeton's new position clearly signals the University's intention to go much further. Indeed, one of the responsibilities of the position will be to:

Lead[] and expand[] a violence prevention initiative, Men's Allied Voices for a Respectful and Inclusive Community (MAVRIC), promoting an environment for healthy male social development by challenging belief systems and social constructs that contribute to violence and offering alternative options.

This sounds like old-fashioned "re-education." As Lips says, it "reeks of a larger concerted effort to reject any form of masculinity and label men as inherently toxic."

Princeton isn't alone in viewing masculinity, traditionally understood, as toxic. Lip points out that Brown University has a webpage dedicated to "Unlearning Toxic Masculinity." The goal is to create, "safe spaces for men to unpack all of the things they have learned about masculinity and what it means to be a man" and "to help those socialized as men to unlearn some of the notions that have led to such profound harm being enacted toward others and toward themselves."

What men at Brown really need is a safe space from Brown's safe spaces. I suspect many will find them, to the University's dismay.

Lips also reports that Duke and UNC have launched similar programs. The goal of the Duke Men's Project is to have men "critique and analyze their own masculinity and toxic masculinities [and] to then create healthier ones." Old-time leftists will recognize this as "self-criticism," a staple of authoritarian Marxists.

As the language on the Brown webpage shows, the premise underlying all of this re-education and self-criticism is that men are the way they are because they were socialized that way. This can all be "unpacked" and "unlearned" because it has nothing to do with biology (e.g. testosterone). You just need to find the right gender studies grad to make it happen (and make sure her commitment to social justice won't make her a menace to the college bureaucracy).

I'm pretty sure men can't unlearn their masculinity. Some can become confused, though. Princeton, Brown, Duke, et. al. will probably have to settle for this level of brainwashing, which is toxic enough to advance leftism.

Related:  Feminist says "Dunkirk" is a bad movie because it screams "men-only"

It amazes me how five guys from Frankfurt, Germany can do more to destroy the United States of America than the NAZIs, The Japanese Empire and the Soviet Union.

But, here we are again witnessing the fruits of the Frankfurt School's Cultural Marxism.

America and Americans better wake up and smell the communism or we're doomed!

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Algebra is now racist


Moonbattery is reporting that different people have different abilities. The only way to impose equality is to dumb everything down to the lowest common denominator. Some people find algebra difficult. That’s why algebra is racist:

A community college chancellor in California is proposing to get rid of the requirement that all students take intermediate algebra in an effort to boost the graduation rate at his institution.

Eloy Ortiz Oakley, chancellor of California Community Colleges System, made the suggestion during a recent interview with National Public Radio, calling the requirement a “civil rights issue.”

That’s what the concept of civil rights has degenerated into: not having to learn math.

At our current rate of decay, within a matter of months it will be a civil rights issue to be stigmatized for crawling around on all fours in your birthday suit rather than walking erect and wearing clothes.

Currently, the graduation rate at California Community Colleges is just 48 percent.

Sounds like they are accepting a high number of students whose time would be spent more productively working rather than taking classes.

No worries regarding the graduation rate; they can raise it to 100% by dropping all requirements, including the requirement to take any class at all.

When equality is achieved, all students will be stupid.

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Liberal education in the early 21st Century

"Progressive" professors are called racists -- there are no (or few) conservative professors.

White students call for segregating "whites"and minority students call for murdering "whites."

Free speech is forbidden as is the right of assembly

This is Barack Obama's real legacy -- division and hate.

It's what community organizers do.

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Extreme foul language! - Professor posts his wish for whites --  "Let them f**king die"


Jack Kerwick (FrontPage) is reporting that Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut is another fine illustration of the contemporary state of Higher Education.  Johnny Eric Williams, a professor in its sociology department, is among the reasons why it enjoys this distinction.

On June 18, Williams -- a black man -- posted some blatantly anti-white remarks on his Facebook wall.  Supposedly, after they went viral, Trinity and Williams were besieged with threats. Such was the alleged intensity and nature of the threats that administrators closed campus on the day of June 21.

Williams, for his part, maintains that he never meant for his remarks to be made public and that he was deliberately misconstrued by "conservative" sites.

You be the judge of this.

Below are two of Williams' posts from June 18. The first reads:

"It is past time for the racially oppressed to do what people who believe themselves to be 'white' will not do, put [an] end to the vectors of their destructive mythology of whiteness and their white supremacy system. #LetThemFuckingDie.


And then there was the second:

"I'm fed the fuck up with self identified 'white's' daily violence directed at immigrants, Muslims, and sexual and racially oppressed people.  The time is now to confront these inhuman assholes and end this now." 


On June 16, Williams shared on his page an article from the Medium.  The essay's title is: "Let Them Fucking Die." 

The author, "Son of Baldwin," prefaces his own remarks with a quotation from a Fusion piece that references the mass shooting of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise and his colleagues in Alexandria, Virginia.  The article notes "the irony" that Scalise, a person who "kept company with racists" and "white supremacists" and who is "one of the most anti-LGBTQ politicians in Washington," "may owe his life to a queer black woman."

Son of Baldwin expresses his frustration over what this episode "symbolizes."  He asks: "What does it mean, in general, when victims of bigotry save the lives of bigots?"

The author launches into a rant that, in addition to being replete with lies, fallacies, and inaccuracies, suffers from a painfully conspicuous lack of originality.  We have all heard this tirade before, tirelessly, for decades.  It is the cardinal dogma of what I have elsewhere referred to as "Blackism," precisely that ideology designed to grant instant racial "authenticity" to any and all blacks who affirm it:

Blacks are perpetual victims of perpetual White Oppression.

Son of Baldwin is clear as to the course of action that blacks who are in a position to help white "bigots" should take. His position is boldfaced type:

"Let. Them. Fucking. Die."

But don't just do this.  Blacks should "smile a bit" when they let white "bigots" die, for they "have done the universe a great service."

And in case there is any ambiguity as to when, exactly, blacks should allow white "bigots" to die, Son of Baldwin tries his best to dispel it in advance.

"If you see them drowning," "in a burning building," "teetering on the edge of a cliff," or if "their ships are sinking," "their planes are crashing," or "their cars are skidding," blacks should smile as they let these white "bigots" die.

Bear in mind that while Son of Baldwin's focus on white bigots would seem to suggest that he is not referring to all white people, it is a certitude to anyone familiar with Blackist newspeak, the rhetoric of "white supremacy," "institutional racism," "white supremacy" and the like -- rhetoric, not incidentally, that both Son of Baldwin and Johnny Eric Williams espouse -- that all white people are "bigoted." 

Son of Baldwin underscores this interpretation when he writes about "white/cisgender/heterosexuals who practice bigotry (or do not believe they practice bigotry even when they do)" (emphasis added) [.]"

This is article that Professor Williams shared.

Ever since Williams became the focal point of this controversy, he has maintained that he does not endorse allowing individual whites to die. Rather, it is for the death of a system of "white supremacy" that he calls. 

"I'm calling for the death of a system, white supremacy, not the death of white people."

The President of Trinity College, Joanne Berger-Sweeney, condemned Williams' use of the hashtag, "LetThemFuckingDie," as "reprehensible and, at the very least, in poor judgment." She added that, "No matter its intent, it goes against our fundamental values as an institution [.]"  Before proceeding further, she has turned the matter over to the Dean of the Faculty to determine whether any college "procedures or policies were broken."

Two Connecticut politicians, Republican House Leader Themis Klarides and state Senator George Logan, both Trinity graduates, wrote a letter to Berger-Sweeney imploring her to terminate Williams immediately.   "We are calling upon the school to immediately, and permanently, remove Mr. Williams from the ranks of the school's faculty," they state.

Perhaps Professor Williams is sincere when he insists that it is not the demise of individual whites, but, rather, that of a system that he wants to see die.  Judging from the quality, both stylistic and substantive, of his social media posts, this is a distinct possibility.  It is a distinct possibility that Williams is genuinely as intellectually inept as someone would have to be not to recognize that, grammatically and logically, his posts can only be read as a call for allowing white "bigots," "ignorant assholes," i.e. a plurality of beings, not a single "system," to die.

The other option is that Williams is a coward and a liar who is now retreating from his initial position because of the backlash to it. Williams very well may be receiving the shock of his life in being made to realize that it isn't just black leftist SJWs that can get angry, that when people understandably think that someone is calling for their deaths, they will call for the same in return.

At any rate, decent people must condemn the threats of violence against Williams that are now allegedly being made against him.  I for one won't even call for his termination.  This, though, is only because Williams is but a symptom of a much larger system that has long since gone to the bad.

For sure, there remain many committed college instructors who care deeply about supplying their students with a genuine liberal arts education.  And, to be fair, many, possibly most, of these are liberal-left. Yet, regrettably, the Johnny Williams of the academy are legion.  The only difference between Williams and the untold numbers of humanities professors at colleges and universities throughout the country is that Williams got caught for expressing his anti-white vision.

Removing him would be like removing one cockroach from an infestation and thinking that the problem is solved.

The pressure that is now being brought upon Williams must be brought by the public upon the whole Academic Industrial Complex, for Williams' view is but a variant of the intellectually vapid and morally toxic ideology that dominates academia today.

"Higher education" in the 21st Century. brought to you by enlightened liberals.

Trinity College's "About" page brags that "...our faculty remain the most important aspect of our academic curriculum."

It is my understanding that the hater, Williams, has been teaching at Trinity for 21 years. That tells me all I need to know about Trinity College's "most important aspect.".

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These perfessers are so well educated that it would never occur to them that they are complete morons

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Sheer lunacy on campus


Walter Williams (FrontPage) says parents, taxpayers and donors have little idea of the levels of lunacy, evil and lawlessness that have become features of many of today's institutions of higher learning. Parents, taxpayers and donors who ignore or are too lazy to find out what goes on in the name of higher education are nearly as complicit as the professors and administrators who promote or sanction the lunacy, evil and lawlessness. As for the term "institutions of higher learning," we might start asking: Higher than what? Let's look at a tiny sample of academic lunacy.

During a campus debate, Purdue University professor David Sanders argued that a logical extension of pro-lifers' belief that fetuses are human beings is that pictures of "a butt-naked body of a child" are child pornography. Clemson University's chief diversity officer, Lee Gill, who's paid $185,000 a year to promote inclusion, provided a lesson claiming that to expect certain people to be on time is racist.

To reduce angst among snowflakes in its student body, the University of California, Hastings College of the Law has added a "Chill Zone." The Chill Zone, located in its library, has, just as most nursery schools have, mats for naps and beanbag chairs. Before or after a snooze, students can also use the space to do a bit of yoga or meditate. The University of Michigan Law School helped its students weather their Trump derangement syndrome -- a condition resulting from Donald Trump's election -- by enlisting the services of an "embedded psychologist" in a room full of bubbles and play dough. To reduce pressure on law students, Joshua M. Silverstein, a law professor at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, thinks that "every American law school ought to substantially eliminate C grades and set its good academic standing grade point average at the B- level."

Today's academic climate might be described as a mixture of infantilism, kindergarten and totalitarianism. The radicals, draft dodgers and hippies of the 1960s who are now college administrators and professors are responsible for today's academic climate. The infantilism should not be tolerated, but more important for the future of our nation are the totalitarianism and the hate-America lessons being taught at many of the nation's colleges. For example, led by its student government leader, the University of California, Irvine's student body voted for a motion, which the faculty approved, directing that the American flag not be on display because it makes some students uncomfortable and creates an unsafe, hostile environment. The flag is a symbol of hate speech, according to the student government leader. He said that the U.S. flag is just as offensive as Nazi and Islamic State flags and that the U.S. is the world's most evil nation (

In a recent New York Times op-ed, New York University provost Ulrich Baer argued: "The idea of freedom of speech does not mean a blanket permission to say anything anybody thinks. It means balancing the inherent value of a given view with the obligation to ensure that other members of a given community can participate in discourse as fully recognized members of that community." That's a vision that is increasingly being adopted on college campuses, and it's leaking down to our primary and secondary levels of education. Baer apparently believes that the test for one's commitment to free speech comes when he balances his views with those of others. His vision justifies the violent disruptions of speeches by Heather Mac Donald at Claremont McKenna College, Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley and Charles Murray at Middlebury College. Baer's vision is totalitarian nonsense. The true test of one's commitment to free speech comes when he permits people to be free to say and write those things he finds deeply offensive.

Americans who see themselves as either liberal or conservative should rise up against this totalitarian trend on America's college campuses. I believe the most effective way to do so is to hit these campus tyrants where it hurts the most -- in the pocketbook. Lawmakers should slash budgets, and donors should keep their money in their pockets.

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The state of education in one chart

This Foundation for Economic Education chart tells you all you need to know about government control of education:


Not to worry. Progressives have a solution to this problem. Throw more taxpayer money at it.

Education is too important to leave in the wasteful and incompetent hands of Big Government.

Return control of education to the states and local communities -- and end cultural Marxism in our schools.

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Public Schools are teaching kids that terrorism is Christianity's fault


Michael Ware ( says many of us have very little if any knowledge about the Crusades. We know they happened in the Middle Ages and involved knights. We know that it had something to do with the Middle East. But the why and who of the whole affair is distant and unimportant.

As a consequence of this, if your child or grandchild told you that the whole thing was caused by Christians it is very unlikely that you would be able to tell them why such a statement is incorrect. Who started the Crusades? Why did the Crusades start?

No worries, I am not going to give you a history lesson. But, what we have to understand is that this is not a small thing for many people in Middle Eastern countries. Muslims still refer to Christians as "Crusaders." And many in the war-torn areas see Western intervention as the new Crusade.

So this is why the fact that this distorted view of history is being taught to our children in our schools is so troubling.

Fox reports

A classroom assignment on Islam says one negative effect of the Crusades is that Christians are still treating Muslims harshly.

"I almost fell over," said Barbara Light.

Mrs. Light, of Westwood, New Jersey, was helping her 13-year-old daughter prepare for a World History test when she discovered some rather shocking lessons.

"The Christians' harsh treatment of Muslims in the Holy Land led to bitterness that has lasted to the present," one worksheet stated.

Another worksheet asks students to identify "one negative effect of the Crusades that has continued to the present." The answer written on the worksheet -- "the Christians harsh treatment of Muslims continues in the present day."

While most of us have no real or relevant contact with Muslims, we are told that we as Christians are treating the Muslim badly.  Not to mention that Christians are oppressed and martyred almost daily by Muslims. But, in reality, there is something worse at work. It is not just bad history these schools are teaching. These schools are peddling this lie because it is the only thing that could explain the truth.

Islam is a failed system and society.

If you look at the Muslim dominated cultures, what you will find is abject poverty and oppression. The Muslim economic and politic is one that has never succeeded absent a robust expansionism to prop it up.

In other words, unless there were producing cultures from which to feed off of, the Muslims system cannot help but fail. And we must not mistake the oil-rich Arab countries as the exception. Without American companies granting know-how, equipment, and workers the Saudis and the rest would still be herding goats in those oil fields. And how has this wealth helped their people?

They are still poverty-stricken and oppressed.

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Foreign student visas -- Obama is educating America's adversaries


It has been said that if you give a man a fish you will feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you will feed him for a lifetime.  This simple saying illustrates how important training/education is.

Michael Cutler (FrontPage) is reporting that the United States' immigration policies formulated by the Obama administration welcome hundreds of thousands of Chinese STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students into our nation's premier universities while it is clear that China demonstrates hostility to the United States acting not as a partner, but rather as an adversary.

Chinese computer hackers attack computers in the United States as a matter of routine. The obvious question is how many of those Chinese computer hackers may have been trained and educated in the United States.

China's recent theft of a U.S. Navy drone in the South China Sea underscores this hostility as do the arrest of numerous spies operating on behalf of China to steal America's military and industrial secrets.

Not surprisingly, China has offered to return the drone while President-Elect Donald Trump has been quoted as saying that China can keep that drone.

China may have had two reasons for its illegal action.  It is clearly attempting to demonstrate that it has unilateral control over the strategically important South China Sea although this claim is not based on law or fact.  Additionally, China has an obvious interest in America's military technology.  By now China's engineers have had ample opportunity to study the design of the drone and, perhaps, has managed to embed technology within the drone that would continue to provide intelligence about the use of that drone.

The U.S. Navy's underwater drones seem to have drawn particular interest by China's military.  In fact, on April 22, 2016 Newsweek reported, "Chines Spy In Florida Sent Drone Parts To China For Military."

On April 14, 2016 Newsweek published a report about a naturalized United States citizen, Edward Lin, who had joined the U.S. Navy only, allegedly, to be able to spy on the Navy.  I cannot help but wonder if his application for citizenship had been more effectively scrutinized if his alleged disloyalty to the United States could have been uncovered sooner.

That report, "Accused Navy Spy Edward Lin Had Friends In Sensitive Places" began with the following:

Edward Lin, the U.S. Navy officer suspected of spying for China and Taiwan, had scores of friends in sensitive places, if the number of contacts who "endorsed" him for military and security "skills" on LinkedIn, the professional networking site, is any guide.

Among those who endorsed Lin, a Taiwan-born officer assigned to a highly classified naval air reconnaissance unit in Hawaii until his secret arrest last year, are senior Taiwanese military officers and a Beijing-based venture capitalist specializing in "mobile internet applications and mobile games," according to their LinkedIn bios. His American endorsers on the site include the second in command at the U.S. Naval Air Station, Guantanamo; the U.S. Pacific Fleet's senior political-military analyst on Southeast Asia; a Navy congressional liaison officer; and fellow former aviators in his reconnaissance squad, including one now working at the Northrop Grumman Electromagnetic Systems Laboratory in Sacramento, California.

Lin also served as a congressional liaison for the assistant secretary of the Navy for finance management and comptroller from 2012 to 2014, a position that presumably gave him access to highly classified strategic weapons planning and put him in regular contact with senior members of the House and Senate armed services and military appropriations committees.

Lin's assignments and the relationships that he developed positioned him perfectly to have access to extremely sensitive information.

Chinese citizens are not only allegedly spying on our military.  On May 19, 2016 Reuters reported, "U.S. charges six Chinese nationals with economic espionage."

On December 8, 2016 ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) released a press release that provided the latest statistics concerning foreign students who are present in the United States.

This press release began by noting that there are currently 1.23 million foreign students who have been admitted with F (academic visas) or M (vocational visas) studying at 8,697 schools scattered across the United States.

Consider this excerpt from that press release:

Nearly 42 percent of all F and M students pursued studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. This marks a 10.1 percent increase in international students pursuing STEM studies compared to November 2015.

Out of the nearly 514,000 international students pursuing STEM studies, almost 450,000 were from Asia, with the majority of all STEM students from India and China.

Concerns about foreign students with malevolent goals is not limited to students from China.

On February 24, 1998, two days short of the fifth anniversary of the first World Trade Center bombing, the Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Technology, Terrorism and Government Information conducted a hearing on the topic, "

The full text of that hearing, "Foreign terrorists in America : five years after the World Trade Center" includes Senator Dianne Feinstein's prepared testimony.

Here are a few excerpts from her testimony well worth considering:

There are also a number of glaring loopholes in our immigration laws. As I serve on the Immigration Subcommittee, I just wanted to spend my time touching on some of them.

I have some reservation regarding the practice of issuing visas to terrorist-supporting countries and INS' inability to track those who come into the country either using a student visa or using fraudulent documents, as you pointed out, through the Visa Waiver Pilot Program.

The Richmond Times recently reported that the mastermind of Saddam Hussein's germ warfare arsenal, Rihab Taha, studied in England on a student visa. And England is one of the participating countries in the Visa Waiver Pilot Program, which means, if she could have gotten a fraudulent passport, she could have come and gone without a visa in the United States.

The article also says that Rihab Taha, also known as "Dr. Germ," that her professors at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England, speculate that she may have been sent to the West specifically to gain knowledge on biological weaponry.

What is even more disturbing is that this is happening in our own backyard.

The Washington Post reported on October 31, 1991, that U.N. weapons inspectors in Iraq discovered documents detailing an Iraqi Government strategy to send students to the United States and other countries to specifically study nuclear-related subjects to develop their own program. Samir AJ-Araji was one of the students who received his doctorate in nuclear engineering from Michigan State University, and then returned to Iraq to head its nuclear weapons program.

The Washington Institute for Near Eastern Policy found in September 1997 that many terrorist-supporting states are sending their students to the United States to get training in chemistry, physics, and engineering which could potentially contribute to their home country's missile and nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons programs.

-- -- -- -- -- -

The defendants of the World Trade Center bombing are also an example of those coming in through nonimmigrant or employment-based visas or abusing our political asylum process and then committing crimes.

For instance, Nidal Ayyad, one of the defendants in this case, used his position as a chemical engineer for Allied Signal to obtain the chemicals used in the World Trade Center bombing.

There is Gazi Abu Mezer, who was arrested in a suspected terrorist plot to detonate bombs in Brooklyn last year. He came in illegally across the Canadian border to Washington State and attempted to seek asylum, but withdrew his application and agreed to leave the country. Once he was released on voluntary departure, he fled Washington to Brooklyn, NY, where he was arrested for plotting suicide-bomb attacks in Brooklyn.

Back then Senator Feinstein's testimony made perfect sense and asked the right questions. 

Inexplicably, even after the terror attacks of 9/11, the attacks at the Boston Marathon and at San Bernardino, today Feinstein's commonsense approach would be the source of derision by her colleagues of the Democratic party.

Meanwhile, as I discussed in a recent article, so-called, "Sanctuary campuses" shield and harbor illegal aliens from detection by ICE agents.

Finally, increasing numbers of American high-tech professionals are being fired and replaced by foreign H-1B workers, often from India.  The obvious question is how many of those aliens with H-1B visas who have gone on to replace Americans were educated in the United States?

"Knowledge is power."  The time has come for Americans to be empowered to be successful.  Educating foreign students who may, in one way or another, use their training against America or Americans must end. 

Barack Obama has been aiding America's enemies for 8 years. That's his real legacy.

A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does

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Donald Trump said many times that he will end Common Core


Jeremy Spencer ( is reporting that Donald Trump cannot directly remove the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) from the states. The states chose to adopt the standards as their benchmarks for learning, and only states can rid themselves of the flawed standards (review the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution).

Special interest groups developed the CCSS with D.C. connections (Gates Foundation & Achieve, Inc), the National Governors Association (NGA), and the Chief Council of State School Officers (CCSSO). The United States Department of Education (USED) did not develop the standards; however, USED did incentivize their adoption. Through executive fiat, President Obama used a Trojan Horse to lure states to accept a series of competitive grants known as the Race to the Top (RttT). By adopting the standards, states were ensured more money but other conditions came attached. The purpose of accepting the RttT was to rid cash-strapped states from the unrealistic and bureaucratic law of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) orchestrated by President George W. Bush. This attractive offer from RttT was like taking candy from a baby as school districts were drowning under the unrealistic law under NCLB and suffering financially to keep the doors open in the Great Recession.

The RttT competitive grants initiative has since expired and the damage has been done. The initiative impacted almost every state. Many states used the money to create large data systems (too expensive to continue and vulnerable to breaches), teacher effectiveness reforms (which are not working), testing design incentives (greatly flawed), and developing college and career readiness standards (which are unproven). Those standards had to be approved by USED to be worthy of receiving the federal bribe. The only standards deemed "college-and-career-ready" at the time of grant approval were the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The infrastructure built to measure the effectiveness and sustain the CCSS are cemented in the states, and it will be hard to uproot this cancer from the public system. Such states like Illinois and Georgia, seized the bribe and adopted over 80 % of new education policies into law to ensure the sustainability of the CCSS and position their chances for further federal funding. Currently, the standards are in classrooms of 45 states. President Trump cannot attack the standards directly; however, he can attack the infrastructure which maintains their viability.

President Trump could not even remove funding from states who may choose not to undo the Common Core because current funding is not conditional on keeping the standards. Furthermore, the new Every Student Succeeds Act (Revised No Child Left Behind Law -- passed Dec. 2015) strictly prohibits the Secretary of Education from incentivizing and coordinating the development of standards for state adoption. The new Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA) has clear prohibitions of the Department's influence on state testing as well as other infrastructure needed to measure performance. If President Trump targeted Title I dollars to censure the Common Core, that would create a huge controversy from both sides of the isle. House Republicans tried to do this with Title I portability while revising the new ESSA which favored the portability of those dollars to charter schools and other schools of choice. Furthermore, this would create an opening for vouchers which has been favored by the Trump Presidential Campaign. States have put forth millions of dollars in infrastructure in data systems, misaligned textbooks claiming to support the flawed pedagogy promoted by the Common Core resources, testing programs, and professional development for teachers. The federal footprint is massive, and the haphazard implementationof Common Core has caused further harm.

So, how could President Trump get rid of the Common Core?

One way to get rid of the Common Core is to abolish the U.S. Department of Education entirely. This abolishment would likely need the support of Congress, but based on the sausage making of the new ESSA in Dec. 2015, many Congressional Republicans, such as Sen. Lamar Alexander (former Secretary of Education), and his allies may oppose such efforts within the GOP. However, the "drain the swamp" mentality is unyielding in the electorate, and many House members might get nervous if they oppose President Trump before the 2018 midterm elections. It would behoove the grassroots to strike while the iron is hot to derail the Common Core.

Another approach is to drastically cut the Department's budget and allow states to assume the responsibility of upholding the infrastructure which supports the Common Core. States are still recovering from the economic recession. Local tax digests and state appropriations will not accommodate this large federal footprint; therefore, it would be likely that states would abandon those policies that do not directly affect classroom instruction. School districts would then focus on "must-haves" than "nice-to-haves". President Trump could also decline and severely reduce the regulations on accountability directly tied to an already unstable implementation of the Common Core. Recently, a group of Senators warned President Obama of the new ESSA regulations being considered as they view the regulations not "within the statutory text" of the new law.

The reality is states cannot continue to defend the current testing and standards reform efforts when national proficiency in reading and math are not improving considerably. Touting improved graduation rates is not a true picture of the educational systems' overall improvement as the flawed testing designs may ensure score invalidity. Removing the federal influence will cause withdraw symptoms from decades of addiction to failed federal rules, but in the end, schools will adapt and find ways to concentrate more on learning.

Teachers just want to teach; not uphold experimental ideas of bureaucrats and special interests.

Common Core IS a disaster and an impediment to learning, but the cancer of the leftist dogma in our universities is the far greater threat.

There has to be a national program to infuse classical educators and education into higher education.

If something isn't doe to blunt the indoctrination of maleable young minds by the cultural Marxists, America is screwed anyway.

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Professors call Founding Fathers "terrorists" and founding ideals a "fabrication"


William Nardi (CollegeFix) is reporting that A humanities course currently taught at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, teaches that the Founding Fathers were hypocrites, terrorists and money-hungry barons who used hyperbole and fear to rile up the colonists to revolt against England.

The "Resistance and Revolution" class is co-taught by history lecturer Jared Benson and sociology instructor Nicholas Lee, who also suggest that it was Mikhail Gorbachev -- not Ronald Reagan -- who brought down the collapse of the Soviet Union, and that wealthy CEOs deserve to be in a "moral prison," among many other assertions.

Calling the Founding Fathers "terrorists," Benson and Lee voice criticism and cynicism against many of the events leading up to the Revolutionary War, teaching students the founding ideals were "merely a fabrication for a social movement" -- a means to an end for the colonist elites who were tired of England's control and needed the gullible masses to help them break free.

They argued the Revolutionary War wasn't really about freedom. The educators suggest that the only people truly affected by taxation were the rich. However, the rich could not wage war on their own and needed the poor to fight for them.

Ultimately, the impetus for America was the establishment of an economic system founded on enslavement and racism, according to audio copies of their lectures in September and October provided to The College Fix by a student in the class.

"Wealthy colonists needed to work to manufacture discontent," Lee said. "They used slave rhetoric when the great hypocrisy was that they themselves owned slaves."

"The wealthy led the colonists to believe they were suffering as a result of the British even though the quality of living was actually very high in the colonies for the people at the time -- higher than London for the average person."

Both professors mock the founders and Sons of Liberty for complaining about having to pay taxes, at one point calling them "childish" and "unjustified" in waging war against the British.

"They were an organization of guys that went out and did stuff, tarring and feathering in effigy, and sometimes it wasn't in effigy," Lee said. "As Jared pointed out, by any modern definition, they were a terrorist organization. I don't say that to be hyperbolic, literally an organization that uses terror to accomplish what they want, that's exactly what they were doing, right? So all these people who were our Founding Fathers -- well it's all relative at the time -- were using violence and terror."

Denouncing key figures of the American Revolution such as Paul Revere and Thomas Paine, the "scholars" call them propagandists who riled "the uninformed masses against the British" by appealing to fear.

Benson said of Paine that in Common Sense he appealed to the masses "by deprecating all the people he knows his colonists hate even if they don't know any. He caters to the lowest common denominator -- people who are scared -- scared of things that are different -- of different stories, of different narratives. This should sound very similar in 2016. Appeal to the masses by giving them people to fear and hate."

In reference to the Boston Massacre, Lee likens it to the September 11 terrorist attacks: "They [founders] were incredibly quick to act upon it and use to their favor. This happens all the time -- 9/11…these events that happened that the revolutionaries didn't coordinate, but used it to their benefit, used it as a perfect opportunity for propaganda."

Said Benson: "I told you, and yeah I'll be blunt, about the asinine nature of the taxation without representation argument, because technically, as England was a constitutional monarchy with a House of Lords and a House of Commons, in theory, the colonists were represented in the House of Commons."

"They argued that the British forcing them to buy the Dutch tea was enslaving them and compromising their freedoms," Benson said. "For a culture that literally enslaves people, they throw that word around because they have to buy tea from certain company. Feels a bit propagandist."

Benson also censured the colonists involved in the Boston Tea Party, saying "Why did they dress up like Native Americans? That's offensive on so many fronts. But they didn't care about being offensive."

At one point, the class compares the Sons of Liberty to the Westboro Baptist Church. In reference to Andrew Oliver, the British official responsible for implementing the Stamp Act, Lee notes: "And to add a little bit more to the history of poor Andrew Oliver, he dies in 1774 and the Sons of Liberty protest his funeral. Do we know another group right now that protests funerals?"

Many students comment back in unison: "Westboro Baptist Church."

Lee said the founders used colonists' disdain for taxes to help prompt them to revolt: "British are imposing taxes on us…don't blame us, blame the government for making your stuff more expensive. Everyone's like, fuck -- I don't want my Mac & Cheese to be a penny more."

Benson and Lee did not respond to several requests from The College Fix seeking comment.

(The College Fix has compiled a highlight reel of the professors' lectures.)

The student in the class who provided audio clips on the condition of anonymity said lectures are taught from a biased and one-side perspective.

"What they have been teaching us goes beyond any liberal interpretation of history that I have ever heard," the student said. "If you think their crass language is bad from this audio, I'm more disgusted by the way they talk about my country."

Often the scholars weaved socialist themes into their lectures.

In reference to taxes, Lee said "my Marxist argument for that is why aren't the corporation's profits being reduced in an equivalent amount [instead of increasing the cost of goods]?"

Lee later goes on to say he wishes CEOs of companies could be put into "moral prisons" for not fulfilling their "human responsibility," but "that's just not how our justice system works."

Lee also suggests slavery still exists today -- in the form of capitalism.

"Is there a difference in being a tributary slave, as in a slave to the system, and the actual them owning another human being? But here we're just debating the slavery of modern capitalism versus the slave system that existed in colonial times. Is there a difference," he said.

The professors' lectures worked on several students who seemed to openly admit that they were no longer patriotic, according to the audio files.

While the professors are extremely critical of the founding of our country, they are quick to defend social movements such as Black Lives Matter and the Black Power Movement.

"Black power at this point in time was not anti-white, was not reverse racism or some other bullshit that we are conditioned to believe," Benson said. "It was about empowerment for people that had been disempowered or subjugated by an oppressor."

"Real quick -- how many people did the Black Panthers kill? One, after a shootout started by police. One in their entire history after being started by police. One. Violent? Let's do the math. Your cops have killed damn near 800 people this year alone," Benson said.

Seeming to side with violent black power leaders such as Malcom X, the professors mock Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s message of peace and patience, yet appreciating one of his speeches that they called "anti-capitalist." Lee also suggested MLK was pro-communist.

And during one class, President Ronald Reagan was disparaged as well: "Anyone who has actually studied history knows that Reagan did nothing (to tear down the wall). It was Gorbachev that actually deconstructed the Soviet Union. But that fact that he's the one standing there, what's everyone in America thinking? Yeah we did it. We won."

This is the state of "higher education" in America, and until the universities are purged of these radical anti-Americans, America, as we know it, will cease to exist.

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Clash of the Titans


Alan McConnell ( says the dust has settled somewhat, but the war between the two Americas will continue long into my dirt-nap. Roughly half of our citizens share little beyond, continental geography, with the other half. There are two contrasting visions into our nation's future.

The Left views the right as a threatening collection of knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, seeking, not just to restrain progress, but to wind the clock back on any and all social development achieved since 1900. Many have been taught to believe the Right is an evil cabal of rich manipulators hell-bent on enslaving entire swaths of the population in their ever-expanding quest to destroy the earth.

The Right sees an entirely different cabal, consisting of generations of entitled, unproductive, arrogant pot-smokers who insist they reap the benefits of toil without actually engaging in it. The common perception is that the Left is a fragile, whiny emotionally-stunted collection of disconnected special interest groups blazing idealized territory with little regard for unintended consequences.

While both Left and Right suffer elements of these two extremes within the fringes of their ranks, they are generally outnumbered by more reasoned party members.

The bed-wetting sore losers and "what about ME" crowd on the left has kick-started it's "We're all doomed" campaign with hysterical protests in the streets, breaking windows, setting tires afire, and kicking their feet in a disconnected tantrum. It's easy to understand because the extreme left is largely comprised of those driven by emotion rather than logic. They always FEEL first, and rarely THINK later. If not beaten to the punch, today's protest signs might say, "My Life Matters."

On the extreme Right, the card-carrying KKK, white supremacist, gay-bashing, misogynist, control-freak crowd are celebrating in topless bars and militia camps across the fruited plain. This wing is easy to understand because they, too are driven by emotion rather than logic. While they pale in numbers to the extreme Left, these people HATE first and rarely THINK later. Immortalized by Kris Kristofferson's ode to idealism, "Everybody needs somebody to look down on," the extreme Right are just as destructive as their mirror images on the Left.

We've heard precious little about the true challenge of our time.

Its not racism, or security, or inclusiveness, or global warming, or energy, or healthcare. Its not debt, or immigration, or foreign policy, or abortion, or minimum wage, or gender gaps, or glass ceilings, or any of a dozen other distractions propagated by the down-trodden. The issue of our time is ensuring our children an honest well-rounded education that stimulates them to continue learning throughout their lifetime.

The battlefield in this clash of titans, the trenches of social warfare, are the classrooms. Our colleges and universities have been dominated by the left for generations. Yale canceling classes for those "Traumatized by the election" demonstrates just how absurd our schools have become. Socialist educators recognized long ago that molding our children controls our destiny. Protecting our children from hurt feelings does them no favor.

Shielding children from hurtful words, name-calling, disappointments, scraped knees, opposing views, and the general trauma of GROWING UP is a grave injustice to them. We have created a mob of unruly cry-babies, unable to adjust to setbacks, incapable of coping with disappointment, deaf to the beat any drum but their own. They are so accustomed to getting their way, that they are completely willing to destroy free speech, which is the very fabric that protects their right to throw a tantrum.

Hillary (and most of the extreme left) promotes free college because academia created her, protected her, supported her, voted for her and is now attempting to poison the electoral college. Liberals realize that some young people aren't getting a full 15 years of political indoctrination. They push for Pre-K and two years of free college because it gives them 3 more years to mold mushy juvenile minds. If Socialists can lengthen the time the snow flakes stew in the liberal crock-pot by 25%, imagine the chaos you can create. Roll Hitler Youth video.

Conservatives want HONEST colleges where free speech, honest debate, and the open exchange of varying opinions is encouraged… no. DEMANDED. Teach your children where we came from, how we got here, and the miracle of this great country's birth and, in time, the ship will begin to right itself.

Support school choice, charter schools, school vouchers, and scrap common core. High school seniors are learning 7th and 8th grade curriculum and the Education Department is handing them AWARDS. I recently tutored a highs school student struggling with concepts I learned in grade school and Jr. High. Another senior I worked with a few years ago was a functional illiterate. He could barely read and could not have composed a meaningful page if his life depended upon it. Neither of these two young people are mentally deficient. They are simply poorly educated.

When our high schools actually teach what they need to teach, free college isn't necessary. Opening up our community and state colleges to free education simply relieves the pressure on k-12 schools to stop teaching bowling, how to separate their recyclables, or the care and use of sex toys.

Return to teaching math, English, biology, chemistry, history, civics, government, and let the parents decide what social values to instill in them and when it's appropriate.

The classroom is where the clash of titans is being waged. And the liberals are winning.

You'll hear a lot in the coming months about how uneducated white men elected Donald Trump. The implication is clear. Republicans are stupid bigots. The edge Trump had in this election is much more likely due to the fact that more of HIS supporters escaped the institutionalized indoctrination so liberally dumped in today's colleges and universities.

Safe zones? Trigger words? Offensive speech? A free day at the beach if you're traumatized by the election? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! For the love of country, change your sheets and pull up your panties! Real life is just over the horizon! Oh! And substitute an engineering, government, chemistry, or physics class for your elective; An Introduction to Topless Fly Fishing.

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President Hillary Clinton prepares to bankrupt public schools


Dave Jolly ( says that in a supposedly recovering economy, many public schools are so short of money that they have cancelled ‘non-essential' courses and programs including music, art and extra-curricular programs including sports. More and more student athletes with dreams of getting college athletic scholarships are having their dreams dashed as schools cancel their sports programs due to financial reasons.

One of the things causing schools to cut programs and classes is the influx of legal immigrants, refugees and illegal aliens. Schools are being forced to hire Spanish and Arabic speaking teachers to teach thousands of students and parents to speak English.

Many of public schools that were forced to accept hundreds and thousands of illegal alien children from Mexico, Central and South America. With these illegals, who not only had little to no English skills, also brought a number of health issues with them, forcing schools to increase their health and nursing staff. The schools also have had to spend extra money and resources in working with the illegal parents, legal immigrant and refugee parents in communicating with them how the public school system works.

Under Obama's tenure in the White House, over 100,000 illegal Hispanic children were allowed to enter the US and remain, putting more financial burden on already cash poor schools. It was more important to Obama to secure the votes of illegals than was the overall ability of the public schools to provide a decent education to American students.

For example, last year, the State Department claims they only allowed 11,000 Syrian refugees into the US. Of those 11,000, 80% were children, equating to around 8,800 Syrian kids who didn't speak English and many suffering from severe trauma from what they experienced in their country.

The El Cajon School District in California saw 76 Syrian refugee children placed in their schools. According to a report from

"The situation forces district officials to devote a lot of resources to refugee students, including "newcomer" classes to learn English, counselors to help refugees with trauma, hiring Arabic-speaking staff to host "parent academy" lessons on helping their children learn English, one-on-one orientations to help parents understand how the school system works, and other efforts."

"The influx of Syrian refugees stems from Barack Obama's promise to resettle thousands from their war-torn country in America, a move Democratic presidential candidate Hillary has said she would expand to 65,000 refugees if elected."

If the same 80% children holds true, that would mean roughly 52,000 more non-English speaking traumatized and health challenged kids entering already financially strapped public schools.

Canada has already taken in around 32,000 Syrian refugees and their government is struggling to find the necessary funds to provide all of the necessary services including education of those refugees. reports on the problem facing one Canadian school district caused by the influx of Syrian refugees:

"Winnipeg School Division spokeswoman Radean Carter said the school district is asking the government for extra money to hire more language instructors because the $600,000 it received last year to accommodate 170 Syrian students isn't enough."

Carter stated:

"These resources are fully employed and finding more qualified (English as an additional language) teachers and support workers is becoming a challenge. While we are expecting additional refugee students into our division this school year, we have not had any numbers or timing confirmed, nor any funding announced."

If Hillary is elected, this same financial problem will be magnified many times over for numerous school districts across America. In the end, it's American students who will suffer because of the cut in classes, programs and fewer teachers for more students. The quality of education for American students will further decline in many areas that are already struggling to meet the minimum education standards.

Hillary Clinton, if elected, it will further bankrupt many public school districts around the nation with her Syrian refugees and her open border policy.

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Thousands of Seattle teachers take part in union-sponsored #BlackLivesMatter protest


Victor Skinner (EAG) is reporting that thousands of Seattle teachers came to school Wednesday wearing "#BlackLivesMatter" t-shirts in an attempt to use the divisive movement to highlight race issues.

A teachers group that calls itself "Social Equality Educators" organized the "#BlackLivesMatter to Educators" event to coincide with Seattle Public Schools' "day of unity." And while the #BlackLivesMatter protest isn't officially sponsored by the school district, it seems to have the blessing of district officials.

"We are united in our commitment to eliminate opportunity gaps. Teachers have a First Amendment right to wear their speech. We respect our teachers' rights and desire to express themselves," a district spokesman told WGRZ in a statement. "T-shirts are a good visual. We hope the message inspires people to do the work on eliminating opportunity gaps."

#BlackLivesMatter protest organizer and high school teacher Jesse Hagopian told the news site teachers are using the day of unity to highlight problems black students face as a result of institutional racism, such as lower graduation rates and higher suspension rates than white students.

The Seattle Education Association, the teachers union representing 5,000 Seattle teachers, is also backing the protest, WGRZ reports.

Videos and pictures posted to Twitter on the day's festivities show educators mulling around a courtyard at Denny Intermediate Middle School, where they signed a banner, and held up posters and closed fists.

Others posed with pictures of their social justice classroom materials they prepared to educate the city's youth about the racist white supremacist school system.

"Our objective today," Susan DuFresne posted, "We can learn about social justice."

Mayor Ed Murray also tweeted support, as did numerous far left social justice groups like Democracy Now! And Zinn Ed Project.

"Today thousands of Seattle teachers stand together for racial justice, reminding us that #BlackLivesMatterAtSchool," Murray posted.

Others like Jesse Hagopain, the Black Student Union adviser at Garfield High School and founding member of Social Equality Educators, shared their stories about how they are inspiring students to become social justice warriors.

"Well it's really moving to see young people decide that they're going to act to make our world better and in the face of ongoing state violence, it seems to be so unaccountable. These young people on the Garfield High School football team chose to unanimously to take a knee during the playing of the national anthem in support of black lives and it spread," Hagopain, an associate editor of the radical left Rethinking Schools magazine, told "The Real News Network."

"The girls volleyball team at Garfield is now taking a knee as well as the marching band and the cheerleaders and the Black Student Union and rarely do you see all those disparate groups come together in common cause but in a cause this important you're seeing I think a new social movement in the Seattle public schools but really across the country with more and more high school students demanding to be heard and demanding that #BlackLivesMatter in a myriad of different approaches whether it's on the football field or it's in the schools or at rallies, people have had enough with the institutional racism they're seeing all over society and it's really exciting," he said.

The #BlackLivesMatter Seattle teachers protest will conclude with a rally at Washington Hall from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. that will feature singer Kimya Dawson and Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, The Seattle Times reports.

And in Norman Oklahoma, a teacher tells his class that all white people are racist.

Any teacher that teaches bigotry, of any kind, should be summarily fired -- no exceptions.

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"7,243 professors, found 3,623 of them were Democrats and only 314 Republicans."

So, what are the other 3,306 professors? Nearly half of the professors surveyed are not included in the final numbers.

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The Left's college takeover is almost complete -- 12 liberal professors for every 1 conservative


The Left's takeover of the college campuses in America is very nearly complete, as a recent study shows that for every one conservative voice among professors, there are fully 12 from the liberal side.

It's not as if the politically aware didn't already know the majority of professors on college campuses were lefties. But this study not only confirms that suspicion -- it puts a number to it.

Moreover, the authors of the study found that the gap between conservative and liberal professors is only getting wider. The brainwash of college kids is only getting worse.

The study was published in Econ Journal Watch and, after looking at 40 universities and 7,243 professors, found 3,623 of them were Democrats and only 314 Republicans.

That's a ratio of 11 1/2 to 1.

The Washington Times has more on the story:

"The study comes after a tumultuous few years at American colleges and universities, marked by campus race protests, the disinvitation of conservative speakers and the popularization of phrases such as 'trigger warning' and 'safe space.'

"Out of five departments analyzed by the authors, the field friendliest to conservative scholars is economics, where there are only 4.5 liberal professors for every conservative.

"Conversely, history is by far the least conservative-friendly department, where liberals outnumber conservatives by a 33 1/2-to-1 ratio."

In 1968, by comparison, history departments in colleges across America touted a Democrat-versus-Republican ratio of 2.7 to 1.

So why the rapid increase in Democrats on campus?

From the Washington Times:

"The authors of the analysis -- Brooklyn College business professor Mitchell Langbert, private sector economist Anthony J. Quain and George Mason University economist Daniel B. Klein -- speculate that the rapidly growing disparity is due in part to the rise of academic subcategories, such as the histories of gender, race and class, where a liberal orientation is the foundation for subsequent research.

"Kim R. Holmes, a distinguished fellow at The Heritage Foundation, said the ascendance of multiculturalism in the humanities makes it difficult for conservatives to find work teaching.

"'If you're going to have a Gender Studies Department, or something like that, the progressive assumptions are built into the very idea of the department, so you're not going to hire any conservative professors,' said Mr. Holmes, who is the author of "The Closing of the Liberal Mind." 'Because of this, the imbalance has proliferated.'"

And don't think an Ivy League school is an escape hatch to the blatant liberalism.

The study found, bluntly: The more prestigious the school, the larger the liberal presence.

Once more, from the Washington Times:

"Pennsylvania State University, for instance, has a comparatively balanced faculty ratio of 6 to 1, while Ohio State University enjoys even closer ideological parity at 3.2 to 1. But a pair of Ivy League universities, Columbia and Princeton, both weigh in at 30 to 1.

"The university with the most even ratio examined in the report is Pepperdine University, which has a reputation for being a conservative school but still has 1.2 Democrats for every Republican on the faculty."

As loud as the numbers talk, not all agree with their significance.

David Warren, president of the National Association of Independent Collegs and Universities, for example, dismissed the findings outright as no big deal.

The Washington Times reported:

"'Well, I don't know that there's a whole lot of news here,' Mr. Warren said. 'Since the '60s, and especially given political circumstances -- the war, Watergate and Nixon's circumstances -- it's pretty evident that college faculty and students became more Democratic.'

"While he said he would prefer more intellectually diverse faculties at the schools examined in the report, Mr. Warren said they do not represent the higher education landscape as a whole. He said small, faith-based colleges are just as likely to create campus echo chambers as their Ivy League counterparts.

"'Both sides of the political spectrum have created departments that are hostile and antithetical to the other political view.' Mr. Warren said. 'I think it's often missed that that happens at a number of campuses that are not listed here, which, by the way, is where the vast majority of students are. The students listed in this group are probably less than 5 percent of all the students in the country."

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Islam was never taught in public schools until Obama


Bethany Blankley ( is reporting that after suing a Maryland public school for requiring their daughter to learn how to convert to Islam, a USMC veteran, first responder and father was banned from his daughter's graduation

Maryland parents Melissa and John Wood sued the Charles County Public Schools System, the Board of Education of Charles County, and the principal and vice principal of La Plata High School for violating their daughter's civil rights under U.S. Code 42 (1983). Not only is the school instructing students to learn and perform Islamic rituals, it prohibits students from taking home the textbook in which Islamic ideology is taught. And after Mr. Wood, an 8-year U.S. Marine Corps veteran complained, the school issued a "no trespass" order -- from the public school where his daughter attends. And banned him from attending his daughter's graduation.

Wood claims he fought to defend the freedom of public school education -- and yet he and his family have been retaliated against -- by the very school his actions and taxpayer dollars support.

John Wood was deployed in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. After serving in the Marine Corps, he became a firefighter and responded to the Pentagon attack on September 11, 2001.

The Woods claim in the lawsuit that the school system and its administrators have repeatedly violated his daughter's First Amendment rights by promoting "Islam over other faiths, such as Christianity or Judaism."

And the school is hiding it from the parents.

Their daughter's 11th grade World History class uses two different textbooks- -- one they can take home (excludes Islamic texts) and one they can't take home (includes Islamic texts).

Their daughter, identified as C.W., along with other students, was assigned homework which:

"required the students… to profess statements on the teachings and beliefs of Islam in written worksheets as graded homework assignments."

The public school system, funded by tax dollars, is violating the First Amendment by teaching:

"C.W. and her classmates in 11th grade World History were instructed that 'Most Muslim's faith is stronger than the average Christian.'"

The government is violating the First Amendment by establishing a "religion" by instructing its students:

"to read from the text of the Qur'an and to learn and recite the Five Pillars of Islam.

"C.W. also had to profess the Shahada, by claiming, 'There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.'"

The Woods argue that such indoctrination violates their faith and their civil rights protected under the Constitution. They argue:

"This statement is in direct contradiction to C.W.'s deep-seeded Christian beliefs and heritage that it is sinful to express that there is any other god but the monotheistic Christian God."

The lawsuit states:

"C.W. and her classmates in 11th grade World History were instructed that the Islamic religion is a fact while Christianity and Judaism are just beliefs. For example that the 'Qur'an is the word of Allah as revealed to Muhammad in the same way that Jews and Christians believe the Torah and the Gospels were revealed to Moses and the New Testament writers,' and that Muhammad was visited by the Angel Gabriel who proclaimed to him that there is only one true god.

"C.W. and her classmates in 11th grade World History were instructed from the Qur'an that "Men are the managers of the affairs of women" and that "[r]ighteous women are therefore obedient." This statement conflicts with Plaintiffs and C.W.'s Christian beliefs and heritage that C.W. is blessed by God with the talents, gifts, and abilities to manage her own affairs and to place her obedience with God."

Interestingly, common core does not teach the tenants of the Christian faith or require them to read the Bible. Nor does it teach Buddhims or Hinduism or require the reading of their materials.

The school district retaliated by issuing a "no trespass" order to Mr. Woods and discriminated against his daughter, C.W.,

"by removing her from the academic environment of her World History class, relegating her to the student library, and issuing her failing grades on assignments because C.W. refused to deny and insult her Christian beliefs by affirming, for example, that Muslims hold stronger faith convictions than Christians."

"Plaintiffs John and Melissa Wood objected to their minor child, C.W., being given religious instruction and being indoctrinated in Islam as part of her public high school education."

In their complaint the Woods argue the school district's retaliation has caused them:

"irreparable harm, including the loss of their fundamental constitutional rights, entitling them to declaratory and injunctive relief."

Wood's attorney argues that the school banning Wood is depriving him of:

meaningful involvement in the direction of his daughter's education, saying, "by giving a principal unfettered discretion to ban him -- the father of a student -- from school grounds without any hearing or opportunity to defend himself because he brought to light the school's unconstitutional practices."

It also violates the Fourteenth Amendment and contradicts Supreme Court rulings on the right of the parent to direct the education of their own child.

The Woods are represented by the Thomas Moore Law Center.

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Obama has allowed BLM, black power agenda to fundamentally transform American schools

Scott Morefield (BizPacReview) says if you think the #BlackLivesMatter movement is a passing fringe, the following video is going to scare the hell out of you.

According to one teacher from New York, who was compelled to expose the blatant liberal brainwashing being imposed on teachers and students alike, "Our schools are no longer part of the solution, but have become part of the problem. They are indoctrinating our children to hate and distrust not only police officers, but America itself."

The teacher works for Uncommon Schools, a "network of public, charter schools in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts," and has documented some experiences in a video for the world to see -- experiences you would never know by reading its website.

It starts with the teacher orientation, which was as "Red" as it gets. To kick it off, all teachers were given a T-shirt with the words "Love & Revolution" emblazoned on the front along with a student raising a fist in the manner of the Black Panther movement.

The first presentation included a quote by world-renowned lover, poet, musician and all around Mother Theresa type, Che Guevara, the man with the Marxist plan for Argentina, who said "The true Revolution is guided by a great feeling of love."

It was all downhill from there.

New teachers were presented with a slide that read: "Definition of Revolution -- a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system. How do you see your work as this kind of revolution?"

One presenter talked about the 1967 Newark rioters, the ones who got 26 people killed, hundreds injured, and left a path of looting and destruction that affected thousands of lives for years, as being "part of the revolution" and the National Guardsmen who restored order as "oppressors."

The teachers broke into small-group "decompression sessions" where the whites among them had to "own up" to their "white privilege."

Finally, the conference ended with everyone standing in a giant circle with their fists in the air chanting "Love and Revolution" over and over again. (The video records the chant, and it's definitely as creepy as it sounds.)

Which begs the question, a revolution against who?

The teacher found the answer when she attended a cross-regional conference in Brooklyn a month later. She recorded a discussion about the "police brutality … that continues to plague this nation … and we can NOT begin this new school year without acknowledging what has happened [thunderous applause]."

One 6th grade teacher who identified himself as "Scott" talked about hearing about the Dallas shootings and hoping against hope that it "wasn't a black man," and when he found out it was it "might serve as justification for everything that has happened in the past, things that are happening now, and then like have future justification for things that might happen later on…"

Our undercover teacher laments, "I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Here was a teacher justifying hate against police officers."

One black teacher speaking at the conference said, "If you do not think your job is connected to social justice in the streets and you are silent, you are part of the problem."

"If you are a person," the teacher continued, "who when confronted with these issues start talking about black on black crime or comparing #BlackLivesMatter with all lives matter, you are part of the problem … and frankly, you need to be fired."

The conference showed speeches from the Democratic National Convention as if they were training sessions, and showed "blatant hostility towards Trump and mainstream America" including a seminar on the "rise and danger of neoconservatism."

The video ends with the following pertinent questions:

How can this be going on in a public school?

Is the taxpayer really paying $17,000 per student per year to have them indoctrinated with anti police rhetoric?

How can a public school receiving federal funding so blatantly align themselves with the #BlackLivesMatter movement?

How can someone who is supposed to be non-political so openly promote the Democratic Party and at the same time demonize Donald Trump and mainstream America?

This isn't education, it's indoctrination and Obama's government is paying for it.

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College campus lunacy


Walter Williams (FrontPage) says as the fall semester begins, parents, students, taxpayers and donors should be made aware of official college practices that should disgust us all.

Hampshire College will offer some of its students what the school euphemistically calls "identity-based housing." That's segregated housing for students who -- because of their race, culture, gender or sexual orientation -- have "historically experienced oppression." I'd bet the rent money that Hampshire College will not offer Jewish, Irish, Polish, Chinese or Catholic students segregated housing. Because there is no group of people who have not faced oppression, Hampshire College is guilty of religious and ethnic discrimination in its housing segregation policy.

University of Connecticut administrators think that more black men will graduate if they spend more time together. According to Campus Reform, they are building a new residence hall to facilitate just that. Dr. Erik Hines, the faculty director for the program, said that the learning community "is a space for African-American men to ... come together and validate their experiences that they may have on campus. ... It's also a space where they can have conversation and also talk with individuals who come from the same background who share the same experience." By the way, Hampshire College and the University of Connecticut are not alone in promoting racially segregated student housing.

Then there's an effort for racial segregation in classes. Moraine Valley Community College attempted it in a class titled "College: Changes, Challenges, Choices." It mandated that some class sections be "limited to African-American students." The college defended racially segregated classes by saying that they make students "feel comfortable." After facing massive national notoriety, the college just recently abandoned its racial segregation agenda.

Suppose a student at Ripon College enrolls in a chemistry, math or economics class. What do you think ought to be the subject matter? Zachariah Messitte, Ripon's president, who is also a professor in the politics and government department, has encouraged fellow professors to disparage Donald Trump, arguing that it's "fine" for professors to "acknowledge Trump's narrow-minded rhetoric" in class, suggesting that Trump's "bigotry" is a valid topic for most any course.

For professors to use their classes to proselytize students -- and for a college president to urge it -- is gross academic dishonesty. I've been a college professor for nearly a half-century. I challenge anyone to find a student who can say that anything other than microeconomic theory, with a bit of physics and biology thrown in now and then for good measure, was discussed in my class.

Adding to campus lunacy are classes such as "Lady Gaga and the Sociology of the Fame" at the University of South Carolina. Cornell University's physical education department offers a class titled "Recreational Tree Climbing." At Georgia State University, the English department offers a course called "Kayne vs. Everybody." At Tufts University's Experimental College, one can take a class called "Demystifying the Hipster." Skidmore College's sociology department offers "The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender and Media." Frostburg State University's physics department offers "The Science of Harry Potter," where it examines some of the tale's magic. Georgetown University offers "Philosophy and Star Trek," arguing that "Star Trek is very philosophical" and adding, "What better way, then, to learn philosophy, than to watch Star Trek, read philosophy, and hash it all out in class?"

That these and other nonsense classes exist may reflect several things. There is the notion of shared educational governance, wherein presidents and boards of trustees have little say-so about what passes for college education. The faculty runs the show. Students may be academic cripples and require such nonsense. Those are the most optimistic assessments. Or such academic nonsense may indeed reflect that presidents, academic administrators, faculty members and students actually believe that such classes have academic merit.

College administrators like to keep campus barbarism under wraps. One of the best means to throttle their hideous agenda is for students to use their electronic devices to expose it to public scrutiny.

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Colleges are building diversity by lowering standards


The Common Constitutionalist ( says college may soon become like high school. All you have to do is show up and you're accepted. How so, you may ask?

It seems many colleges and universities have begun dropping the SAT/ACT requirement for admission. And not just at no-name schools, like Muddy Water State (not a real school). No -- major colleges like Columbia and George Washington University have joined over 850 colleges and universities who have curtailed the importance of or outright dropped these standardized tests.

These schools are instead taking a more "holistic" approach when screening students for admission. "When Columbia University took the plunge earlier this summer, dropping the SAT subject tests and SAT and ACT writing portions as application requirements starting next year, it became the first member of the Ivy League to do both."

George Washington University has dropped testing for most freshman. This is great news for those in high school, no longer having to stress out over there SAT score, or pay again to take it over in an attempt to improve their scores.

But why abandon the time honored standardized test -- why after all these years switch to the "holistic" approach?

George Washington Dean of admissions, Karen Felton, summed it up rather nicely. She says the "holistic" approach will, "attract students ‘from all different backgrounds' who might be discouraged by their low test scores."

And there it is. As if we didn't already know. It is as it has been for years in the cloistered, politically correct world of academia. It's about, and only about, diversity. No -- not diversity of thought. That would be substantive. Symbolism is what universities are all about these days. It's the image of diversity of skin color on campus that is all that matters.

The liberal mantra of symbolism over substance reigns supreme in higher education and every year, more colleges and universities abandoned their charge of higher learning, in favor of the new "Black Lives Matter" approach.

Not that it was needed, but they actually did research. "A Princeton study found that dropping the test requirements would bring forth ‘demonstrable gains' in the number of black and Latino students who enroll."

The research showed, "unambiguously that increased racial and socioeconomic diversity can be achieved by switching to test-optional policies," though the biggest gains come from not looking at standardized scores at all.

The aforementioned Ms. Felton again some things up rather nicely. She said that "It was really about making sure that the right students, students for whom GW would be a great place, were not discouraged from applying."

Yes -- she wouldn't want to be known as the Dean of Admissions at "Cracker-U."

To that, let me suggest a new admissions policy. Students will no longer take the racist SAT/ACT. Colleges will cease to consider high school classes taken or Grade Point Average. Instead, the applicant will merely submit a picture of himself, herself or other, captioned with a race(s) classification. If he, she or it is the correct color or race they are automatically admitted.

For whites, the picture must be accompanied by an essay enunciating your regret for your white privilege. If you are convincing and willing to pay reparations to students of color, which can be added to your student loan, you may be considered. Of course, the more you are able to pay, the better your chances.

Sounds absurd? Give it another five years and we will see.

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Obama's education NAZI threatening schools where students opt out of standardized testing


Dave Jolly ( is reporting that Barack Obama has worked hard with the Department of Education to make sure that America's public school system concentrates on training your kids to be good socialists when they grow up, rather than educate them.

Part of that effort was the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act and the push for Common Core standards to be adopted by every state. Among the provisions of both are a series of standardized tests that many teachers and students believe to be a complete waste of valuable teaching time in the classroom.

In Florida last year, fourth grader Sydney Smoot, delivered one of the most eloquent and rational speeches about the problems with the standardized testing in Florida:

"This testing looks at me as a number. One test defines me as either a failure or a success through a numbered rubric. One test at the end of the year that the teacher or myself will not even see the grade until after the school year is already over. I do not feel that all this FSA testing is accurate to tell how successful I am. It doesn't take in account all of my knowledge and abilities, just a small percentage."

"First of all, I do not feel good about a form in the FSA that you have to sign assuring you can't even discuss the test with your parents," she said. "I have the right to talk to my parents about any and everything related to school and my education."

"Second, why am I being forced to take a test that hasn't even been tested on students here in Florida? So how could it be accurate and valid on what I know? Why are [we] taking most of the year stressing and prepping for one test at the end of the year when we should be taking tests throughout the year that really measure our abilities?"

"My opinion is we should take a test at the beginning of the year, middle and end of the school year to accurately measure what we know. Third, the stress and pressure this testing puts on me and I'm sure most students is not healthy."

"Why should we have so much stress about one test when we should be learning and having fun in school? … Fun things such as recess are being eliminated because of all the training for the test!"

She ended by telling the school board to stop standardized testing and then encouraging everyone else to contact the governor and tell him to stop the standardized testing in Florida's schools.

Sydney Smoot received a standing ovation from everyone in attendance as she finished her speech and returned to her seat.

As more and more parents learn about the standardized tests, they are opting their kids out of having to take them. As more parents opted their kids out of taking the standardized tests, some schools began retaliating against those students by suspending them for opting out of the standardized tests. One reason for such drastic and unwarranted action is that part of their federal money is based upon the number of students taking the standardized tests. Another reason is that they want to make sure your kids grow up to be good loyal socialists that are completely dedicated to the government for everything.

However, Obama's Secretary of Education, John King Jr. is taking action to make sure students don't opt out of the standardized tests. He has proposed an amendment to the Every Student Succeeds Act that not only defies part of the act, but it intended to punish schools that allow students to opt out of the standardized tests.

Incidentally, the Every Student Succeeds Act calls for giving states more control over their own education departments and districts. However, if approved, King's amendment will do just the opposite.

King's amendment would require every state department of education to give the lowest performance level rating possible to any school with at least 95% of the students not taking the standardized tests.

The proposed amendment is not setting well with many school districts. Julie Killian, a Councilman in Rye City, New York and a candidate for the New York state senate, responded to King's proposal, saying:

"This is the federal government and the Department of Education using schools as sticks to bully parents way from exercising their legal rights."

"This designation of 'in need of improvement' would be catastrophic for our schools."

Phil Oliva, a political consultant from Somers, NY and the Republican challenger to incumbent US Rep Sean Maloney, also commented about King's proposed amendment, saying:

"It would damage our schools' reputation and send property values plummeting."

Rep John Kline (R-MN), Chairman of the House Committee on Education also had harsh words for King's proposal, saying in a released statement:

"The Every Student Succeeds Act is based on the principle that state and local leaders can run their K-12 schools better than Washington bureaucrats. The law represents the best opportunity we've had in decades to provide every child in every school an excellent education. We will not allow the administration to destroy that opportunity by substituting its will for the will of Congress and for the will of our state and local education leaders. …

"We will continue to use the tools at our disposal to ensure the letter and intent of the law are strictly followed. Our nation's parents, teachers, and students deserve nothing less."

No matter where you look, Obama's administration has worked hard to destroy the 10th Amendment Rights of state power and all parental and local authority and his Education Nazi John King is a prime example. Congress gave power back to the states and now King is trying to threaten state education departments with severe regulations and punishments for not playing the federal socialist game.

The liberal socialists know that if they can have your kids for 6-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 9 months a year for 12 years that they can sufficiently brainwash them to hate their parents, hate anything Christian or moral or patriotic and emerge from the public school system as loyal socialists which will change the look of America forever. Which is why I can't urge parents strongly enough to do everything possible to keep your kids out of public school. If you have no choice, then be involved with your kids' education. Pay attention to what they are being taught and make your voice and objections heard. Your child's future and the future of America depends on you stopping the brainwashing of public schools.

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University professors are oblivious to proven liberal bias on campuses


Rebecca Downs (RedAlertPolitics) is reporting that although there seems to be an obvious liberal bias on college campuses, academics reject the idea that liberal professors indoctrinate their students.

Last week at the Republican National Convention, pollster Frank Luntz spoke to the South Carolina delegation about how the party has "lost" millennials.

"We have lost. It's not like we are losing, we have lost that generation," Luntz said. "And I don't care if you are a Democrat, Republican, independent, none of the above. The fact that 58 percent [of millennials] say socialism is the better form of economics, that is the damage of academia."

Luntz was likely referring to the 2015 Reason-Rupe poll, which found that 58 percent of college-aged Americans have a positive view of socialism compared to the 56 percent for capitalism (though the same poll found students are more supportive of a free market system than a government-managed economy).

Professor Joshua M. Dunn, co-author of Passing on the Right: Conservative Professors in the Progressive University said that "attempts at indoctrination don't work." He also said that "there's evidence that the most powerful effect on students comes from their peers."

While Dunn asserted that most economists in the country aren't socialists, he noted that "disciplines that tend to have the highest percentage of self-declared Marxist or socialist faculty members, such as sociology and literature, do have relatively large numbers of majors or served students."

According to Dunn, there are more Marxists than conservative professors in certain fields.

The book, co-authored by Professor Jon Shields, also mentions that conservative professors have a tougher time obtaining tenure and promotions, engage in self-censorship, and that conservative students don't go into fields dominated by the left.

Students often miss out on conservative professors at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and in New England, home to Ivy Leagues including Cornell, which is especially lacking in Republican professors. It's not just Cornell, as there has been admitted hiring discrimination overall.

This does not merely happen at those specific schools. Studies have been showed, for years, that liberal professors outnumber conservatives. During the past 25 years, liberal professors have jumped 20 percent to outweigh conservatives at about 5 to 1, The Daily Signal reported in January.

Professors are even more to the left of the public and their students. The influence these professors have could be even more troubling then.

When broken down by political party, Democratic faculty may outweigh Republicans by closer to 9 to 1 or 10 to 1, Professor Daniel Klein told The Daily Signal.

There are also studies from 2012. A Crisis of Competence, from the California division of the National Association of Scholars showed that there was an increase in faculty who self-identified as radicals and that there was a promotion of political activism.

Even The Washington Post and The New York Times have admitted over the years that there are more liberal professors.

Virginia Tech rescinded the invitation of black conservative author and columnist Jason L. Riley to speak, denying students the chance to hear his perspective on race issues. Leftist students are hindering conversation when they shut down critics.

Professors Neil Gross at Colby College and Amy J. Binder at the University of California San Diego blamed the GOP's failures with young voters on the party itself. Regardless of what merit that suggestion has, academia cannot completely escape blame.

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Professors investigated for presenting opposing viewpoints


Ashe Schow (WashingtonExaminer) is reporting that two professors at the University of Northern Colorado were investigated after students complained that they were forced to hear opposing viewpoints.

The complaints were made to Northern Colorado's "Bias Response Team," an Orwellian office on campus that asks students to report their peers and professors for anything that upsets or offends them. When the news outlet Heat Street made an open records request for some of the complaints, it discovered that two students had become so upset about having to hear an opinion they disagreed with they filed reports with school administrators.

And rather than telling the students to buck up because they might hear those opinions outside of college or on the news or in the media, the schools told the professors to stop teaching that there's an alternate viewpoint.

One professor instructed his students to read an article from the Atlantic written by Foundation for Individual Rights in Education's president Greg Lukianoff and social psychologist Jonathan Haidt titled "The Coddling of the American Mind." The article explains that allowing students to hide from controversial and upsetting ideas (like through the use of "safe spaces" or "trigger warnings") actually harms those students by not allowing them to confront those opinions.

After reading the article, the professor asked his students to address controversial topics such as abortion, gay marriage, global warming and transgenderism. The professor made no indication as to what his opinion on the matters was, but one student, who identifies as transgender, was upset that the professor even referenced the opinion that "transgender is not a real thing, and no one can truly feel like they are born in the wrong body."

Instead of learning how to confront this opinion and be able to adequately teach someone how they are wrong to believe that, the student felt they shouldn't have had to hear it in the first place.

"I would just like the professor to be educated about what trans is and how what he said is not okay because as someone who truly identifies as a transwomen [sic] I was very offended and hurt by this," the student wrote in their complaint.

Never mind that the professor wasn't even expressing his own opinion -- this student just wanted the discussion shut down. And the school obliged.

A member of the Bias Response Team "advised [the professor] not to revisit transgender issues in his classroom if possible to avoid the students expressed concerns." He was also told "to avoid stating opinions [his or those of the authors] on the topic as he had previously when working from the Atlantic article."

This is a perfect example of the totalitarianism of the minority. A single student, with an agenda, shuts down the education process and silences professors.

I thought the concept of "tenure" was to prevent this crap. Guess not!

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Yale students demand English Department stop teaching white male poets


Aleister (ProgressivesToday) is reporting that students at Yale are angry that the study of English requires reading the work of old white male poets. Apparently, no one has told them that it's impossible to avoid white people when you're studying English literature.

Reason reported:

Yale Students Tell English Profs to Stop Teaching English: Too Many White Male Poets

Some Yale University students are demanding changes to the English Department curriculum: specifically, they don't think it should feature so many English poets who were straight, white, wealthy, and male.

"It is your responsibility as educators to listen to student voices," the students wrote in a petition to the faculty. "We have spoken. We are speaking. Pay attention."

The "Major English Poets" sequence, a mandatory two-course commitment for English majors, is particularly problematic, according to the students. These classes cover Geoffrey Chaucer, Edmund Spenser, William Shakespeare, John Donne, John Milton, Alexander Pope, William Wordsworth, and T.S. Eliot. It's not the most diverse line up, to be sure, but it's the one that best reflects history the way it actually happened. Inarguably, these are the most influential poets in the English language.

But students think this sequence "creates a culture that is hostile to students of color." They write:

When students are made to feel so alienated that they get up and leave the room, or get up and leave the major, something is wrong. The English department loses out when talented students engaged in literary and cultural analysis are driven away from the major. Students who continue on after taking the introductory sequence are ill-prepared to take higher-level courses relating to race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, nationality, ability, or even to engage with critical theory or secondary scholarship. We ask that Major English Poets be abolished, and that the pre-1800/1900 requirements be refocused to deliberately include literatures relating to gender, race, sexuality, ableism, and ethnicity.

It's time for the English major to decolonize -- not diversify -- its course offerings. A 21st century education is a diverse education: we write to you today inspired by student activism across the university, and to make sure that you know that the English department is not immune from the collective call to action.

Is anyone else getting tired of college students who think they're smarter than everyone, including their professors?

This is the work of the communists of the Frankfurt School poisoning America's most elite universities. The following is the first paragraph of the "Political Correctness" page from the Archive that I posted in 2009:

Political Correctness (PC) is a principal tool of the political Left.  Its purpose is to intimidate and to end the debate.

It is not politically correct to say, "the women's movement has harmed the American family."  That statement is sexist.  There can be no debate on whether the statement is true or false.

It is not politically correct to say, "African-Americans commit crimes far beyond their relation to the overall population."  That statement is racist.  There can be no debate on whether the statement is true or false.

It is not politically correct to say, "the AIDS epidemic was a result of the personal behavior of homosexuals."  That statement is homophobic.  There can be no debate on whether the statement is true or false.

These "good" cultural groups within our society can not be examined openly or faulted -- only the authoritarian, white male and non-feminist, white female are subject to criticism.

There is the African-American Studies Department that has banned Othello, because it is racist and the radical feminist professor who lectured a Modern Language Association meeting on the witches as the true heroines of Macbeth.

These atrocities occur because the perpetrators are able to plausibly demonstrate that Shakespeare's intent is irrelevant.  What is important, is the racist or phallocentric subtext of which Shakespeare was unconscious when he wrote.  Any criticism of these views is immediately labeled as racist or sexist -- debate over.

When the local Women's Studies or Third World Studies Department organizes students to abandon the classics in favor of modern Black and feminist authors, it is not that these modern writers are better, but they are somehow more truthful because their alienated prose reflects the modern social problems of which the older authors (white men) were ignorant.

Students are being taught that language itself is merely a conglomeration of false names foisted upon society by its oppressors, and are warned against logocentrism, the bourgeois over-reliance on words.

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Washington state to teach transgenderism to kindergarteners


Nickarama says Washington State is even more upside down than I thought. This is raw indoctrination of an utterly perverse and disproved ideology that transgenderism is a normal and natural choice for children. Fortunately, there are some parents outraged by this nonsense who are fighting back.

Via Daily Caller:

By fall 2017 Washington state public schools will begin teaching gender expression to kindergarteners under newly-approved health education learning standards that designate sexual health a "core idea" of public K-12 education.

While some aspects of sexual health aren't taught K-12 (HIV prevention begins in fourth grade), one component of sexual health titled "Self-Identity" begins in kindergarten, where students will be expected to "Understand there are many ways to express gender."

The state's health education glossary defines gender as "A social construct based on emotional, behavioral, and cultural characteristics attached to a person's assigned biological sex." Gender expression, meanwhile, is defined as "The way someone outwardly expresses their gender."

Keep reading…

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