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Team Obama throws Hillary under the bus

At the beginning of the video is a clip of Josh Earnest saying Obama didn't know Hillary had a private email server, even though they were exchanging emails.

Interesting stuff about Michelle and Valerie near the end.

The Daily Caller is reporting that employees leaving the State Department are required to sign the 0F-109 form, which says the employee turned over all official records before leaving. If Clinton signed the OF-109 form, some are saying she might have committed a felony given that she admitted to deleting 31,000 emails she deemed personal.

Jen Psaki confirms that Hillary did not sign "separation" document, and as you know, Psaki never "confirms" anything.


A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does

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8 Times Obama says he was way out of the loop

Sharyl Attkisson says it's a remarkable irony. The same Barack Obama whose administration has gone to great lengths to monitor journalists, whistleblowers and the public, claims to be oddly in the dark regarding basic information on some of his biggest controversies.

Here are eight instances in which Obama said he heard it on the news -- or way after-the-fact -- just like ordinary Americans.

1. Controversial Air Force One Photo Op Flyover

Perhaps the first time we heard Obama say he didn't know about a major national event before the rest of us was when an Air Force One plane (not carrying Obama at the time) made an unannounced pass over the Statue of Liberty on April 27, 2009. It turned out to be a White House-approved photo op, but panicked New Yorkers feared it might be some sort of terrorist attack. The next day, Obama told reporters,

"It was something that, uh, we found out about, uh, along with all of you."

2. Fast and Furious Cross-Border Operation Supplying Guns to Cartels

Fast and Furious was a cross-border operation under the Justice Department in which federal agents let thousands of weapons be trafficked to Mexico's killer drug cartels. Though illegal immigrants used Fast and Furious guns to murder a U.S. Border Patrol Agent in Dec. of 2010, Obama says he remained in the dark about the whole thing until it was on the news weeks later.

On Oct. 12, 2011 Obama told reporters,

"I heard on the news about this story, that, uh, Fast and Furious."

For good measure, Attorney General Eric Holder -- who had been sent regular briefings on Fast and Furious, a case approved by his criminal division -- also said he was clueless about the case.

3. Gen. Petraeus' Sex Scandal

White House officials said Obama was kept in the dark for months as the FBI investigated his CIA Director, Gen. David Petraeus, in a sex scandal. Meantime, Obama could have been hit with a surprise question about the scandal at any time on the campaign trail, in the midst of his 2012 bid for re-election. White House officials have refused to answer the question as to when, exactly, Obama was finally briefed.

4. The IRS Using Nixonian Tactics Against Conservative Groups

Obama said he was likewise unaware of the nation's tax agency targeting conservative groups.

In May of 2013, a reporter asked Obama: "When did you first learn that the IRS was targeting conservative political groups?"

Obama answered:

"I first learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this. I think it was on Friday."

5. The Secret Seizure of AP News Reporters' Phone Records

When it became public that the Obama administration had secretly seized phone records of AP news reporters, the White House said Obama hadn't known about it.

Obama spokesman Jay Carney told reporters in May of 2013,

"We don't have any independent knowledge of that, [Obama] found out about the news reports uh yesterday on the road."

6. NSA Spying on Foreign Leaders

Obama said he had no idea his government was spying on foreign leaders as outlined in an Inspector's General report -- until it was leaked to the news. On Oct. 28, 2013 he said,

"I can assure you that I certainly did not know anything about the IG report before the IG report had been leaked through the press."

7. Veterans Affairs Scandal

In May of 2014, White House spokesman Carney said that Obama was clueless about the waiting list scandal and coverup involving medical care for military veterans.

Carney told reporters, "You mean the specific allegations that I think were reported first by your news network out of Phoenix, I believe. We learned about them through the reports. I will double check if that is not the case. But that is when we learned about them and that is when I understand [V.A.] Secretary Shinseki learned about them, and he immediately took the action that he has taken."

8. Hillary Clinton's Email Arrangement

Obama says he didn't know about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of a private email address and server for official business until the New York Times published it in a story. Obama told CBS News' Bill Plante that he found out "the same time everybody else learned it through news reports."

Earlier, White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters, "I have no idea when the president first learned" about it. But he foreshadowed the eventual explanation stating,

"I wouldn't be surprised, however, if he had learned about that by reading the newspaper."

A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does

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Agreed, SpiffyGem.


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No one could "accidentally" do the damage to this country that Obama and his ilk have done.  He's not "clueless" he is absolutely purposely destroying this country.  It is time to wake up and realize that all of this is not by accident. 


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Barack Obama is either "clueless or a saboteur" in advancing policies that are ruining the country, talk-show host Rush Limbaugh says, according to the Fox Nation blog at Fox News. (Audio)

"It distresses me to see what has happened to this country and to know it need not have happened, to know that has happened because of policies implemented by someone who -- I don’t care -- is either clueless or is himself a saboteur," Limbaugh said on his radio show Monday.

Regardless of which he might be, Limbaugh said, the nation is crumbling on Obama's watch.

Waxing nostalgic for a moment, Limbaugh recalled the days of poking fun at Jimmy Carter.  But now, he said, "It's harder and harder to laugh at things which have destroyed people's lives.  What's funny about what's happening to the housing market?  What's funny about what's happening to unemployment?  It's not impossible and we have our share with all these things, but at the same time there is this fine line of balance."

Under Obama, Limbaugh said, "People's lives are being destroyed here.  People know that their futures are being cut out from underneath them.  In the past the country was nowhere near as near as risk as it is today.  At no time in the past was it accurate to say 'four more years of President X' and this country as we've known it ceases to exist.  That is today's reality.  Four more years of an unchecked, unstopped Obama and America as we know it is transformed in ways that people have no desire to see it."

A man that lies about who he is will never have a problem lying about what he does
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