However, there is something else that these great militaries have in common. The people that they were fighting for never thought that they would have to face defeat. No Roman ever dreamed at the height of their power that the Visigoths would so cripple them.

We have the same problem, even as our Air Force is reduced to near inoperability.

Fox reports:

The U.S. Air Force is now short 4,000 airmen to maintain its fleet, short 700 pilots to fly them and short vital spare parts necessary to keep their jets in the air. The shortage is so dire that some have even been forced to scrounge for parts in a remote desert scrapheap known as “The Boneyard.”

Who would have ever thought ten-years-ago that our Air Force would be reduced to scraping for spare parts? But, here we are. Operations and training exercises not fulfilled. On top of this disgrace, there are fewer airmen and pilots to do the same jobs.

This is wearing on these people. They are being stretched to the point that many are giving up and going back to civilian life. And this leaves us with less and fewer men and women with experience. Which makes our Air Force weaker and less likely to fight efficiently.

We are seeing the administration taking its ques from the second worst president in history, as the last time our military was in such dire straits was when Jimmy Carter[image] was president.

If Obama is doing an imitation, I am impressed.

We can get a pretty good idea of how the air-fleet has been hit by looking at the thousands of moth-balled aircraft in the picture above . . .

But where are the pilots that used to fly those aircraft?